One of the most prominent appliances in the modern kitchen is the charbroiler, also known as a chargrill. This appliance consist of a series of ribs or grates heated in a variety of ways. LPG and natural gas are the most common sources of fuel for this appliance, although some manufacturers also produce electric charbroilers.

At Unimaster Inc, we have built a reputation for being the leading commercial appliance service providers ranging from installation, repair and maintenance. Charbroilers is not a new territory to us, and any of our technicians will expedite the charbroiler services that you will  require. However, before you pay for a repair, you ought to understand the options at your disposal. Our customer care representatives will help you in making an informed buying decision and charbroiler repair.

Countertop Charbroilers

Electric charbroilers are not as common in the market as the gas-powered types, but most of the brands manufacture them for use on a countertop. However, they come with a conversion kit allowing you to switch to your preferred utility. Most of these come in different sizes ranging from 12” and above.

Freestanding Charbroilers

This type is set down on the floor, and most models have a cabinet-style base to hold any item of your choice. However, you get the same function and design as that on a countertop charbroiler. These despite being large than the countertop types, they allow you more storage space, and they are the ideal for commercial kitchens.

Outdoor Charbroilers

These are much larger and are best used in catering applications at large venues. You will get them in various designs ranging from side burners, rotisseries, as well as dome lids.

One of the biggest difference apart from size and the type of fuel used is the method of heating. There are radiant and lava rock charbroilers. Radiant charbroilers have the burner under an angled metal grill known as the radiant. The angled design allows the grease from the food to drip to a drip pan, and they have a more controlled flare-up compared to the lava rock model.

Lava rock models, on the other hand, have a bed of ceramic stones placed over the burner. The ceramic ‘lava’ stones are porous, they catch the dripping grease from the food, and the smoke from the greaser enriches the food with a tantalizing aroma. However, they require more maintenance, and it is necessary to replace the lava stones at least once every six months.

Let us shift gears and look at the charbroiler services you can expect from our experts at Unimaster Limited.

Charbroiler Installation

The type of fuel used by each type of charbroiler dictates the type of installation expert you will need. Our technicians are trained in electric and gas installations, and they have the proper certifications to show for it. We ensure that each technician under our employment have passed all the electric and gas safety certifications and this ensures that you get the best installation service. We will also remove your old charbroilers form your kitchen, install your new charbroilers, and help you in drawing up a charbroiler repair and maintenance schedule.

Charbroiler Repair

Some of the common charbroiler problems include the burners failing to heat, food not evenly cooked, gas leaks, among other problems. At Unimaster Limited, we have highly skilled and experienced personnel to troubleshoot and diagnose problems arising from your charbroiler. We have some of the most competitive rates that match the quality of our charbroiler repair services.

Charbroiler Maintenance

There are many working parts in a charbroiler, and it is necessary to have a maintenance schedule. This removes the risk of running high replacement and charbroiler repair costs. We recommend that you have you seek charbroiler service at least once every six months depending on the frequency of use. However, if you have a much older model, the maintenance frequency needs to be more frequent. Our customer care representatives are highly informed, and they are in a position to direct you on how often you need to get charbroiler services for your model. They will also dispatch one of our rapid response crews closest to your location for professional maintenance services.

We have long-term partnerships with some of the top charbroiler manufacturers such as Star Holman Garland Quest, U.S Range Alto sham Duke Rational Blue Seal, among others that allows us to install, repair, and maintain your charbroiler without your invalidating your warranty.

Service Warranty

The partnership extends to the manufacturer training our employees in the best installation, repair, and maintenance practices to allow us to offer holistic services. We equip our crews with the best equipment for the job, and we give a service warranty to add to the manufacturer’s warranty. If the same problem keeps arising after we have done the charbroiler repair, then you do not have to pay anything for the initial repair.

We understand that charbroilers are a necessary part of your commercial kitchen. We ensure that you get the best charbroiler service at your place of business without the need to haul the appliance to our repair shop. No matter the type of charbroiler you are using, we will have a professional technician at your place of business in 30 minutes or less to provide holistic charbroiler services.

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