The profound love for coffee makes the coffee business very lucrative. Commercial coffee machines are a common sight in kitchens, restaurants, catering companies, and most office spaces also have them installed for their employees.

Having the right commercial coffee machine for your business can be a big boost. They are built to produce the best coffee blends and mix the adequate amounts of coffee, water, and milk at the perfect temperature for the perfect brew.

To keep your customers and employees happy, you always need your coffee machine working at its best all the time. With our coffee machine repair, we can help you achieve that. At Unimaster, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable coffee machine services including coffee machine maintenance with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services. We offer the best and most competitive prices in the market.

Types of Commercial Coffee Machines

Depending on the nature and demand in your establishment, there is a long range of coffee machines to choose. Each of them has unique specifications suited for different business setups.

Automatic Coffee Makers

Automatic coffee makers can brew up to 1920oz. per hour of coffee. With features like automated water refill for faster brewing, they are ideal for diners, offices and coffee shops.

Pourover coffee makers

These coffee makers are ideal for catering services. They do not have a water line and are portable making them perfect to move around. They are also able to dish out a decent 520oz. per hour of coffee.

High volume coffee machine urns

For quality and volumes, these are the best options. Not only are they able to brew up to 160 gallons of coffee per hour, but they also brew high-quality coffee and can hold coffee for a few hundred people at ago.

Cappuccino/ Espresso Machines

Coffee shops, restaurants, and sandwich shops benefit most from the espresso coffee machines. They can dispense different flavors of coffee which is ideal for the various customers’ palettes.

You can choose the best type of coffee maker for your business based on the demand and popularity of the shop. Once you make a choice and buy the machine, you can get in touch with us for coffee machine services to prolong the life of the coffee maker.

Common Commercial Coffee Machine Problems

A commercial coffee maker is a complex piece of equipment. There are many parts that work in harmony to brew the perfect cup of coffee. With so many parts involved, the coffee maker is susceptible to many functioning problems if any of those elements fail. Some of the more common issues include;

  • Machine not working at all
  • No coffee or water from the group head
  • No hot water
  • Coffee is cold
  • Machine is leaking
  • Coffee delivery is too fast or too slow
  • Steam arm not working
  • Milk does not froth
  • No milk delivered just steam
  • Grinding too fine or coarse

These are just some of the challenges you might face in the course of using your coffee making machine. With our coffee machine repair services, we can help you correct and eradicate some of these problems and get the machine at its best again.

We specialize in repairing and coffee machine maintenance of different types of coffee machines from different brands like West Bend, Lilex, Proctor, General Kitchenaid, Breville, and Bunn-O-Matic.

Unimaster’s Comprehensive coffee machine service

The well-being of your coffee maker is our business. We offer a wide range of coffee machine services which include maintenance, service, repairs, and installation to cater to all coffee maker related problems.

Qualified and experienced coffee machine repair technicians

Our clients are precious to us, and we always make sure that we offer the best services to them. We are happy that over 86% of them prefer to come back and use our services. Our success has primarily been driven by the experienced and highly trained technicians under our wing. They are professional and very friendly in their work and always accommodate the client’s questions and concerns.

Affordable and competitive pricing

Other than enjoying our high-quality commercial coffee machine service, our clients can also enjoy affordable prices that are competitive and offer value for money.

Our goal is to help you have an easy time while having your coffee maker repaired. We prefer to only charge the client as per the work we have done instead of an hourly charge. Not only is this cheaper for the client but, it also yields faster results.

Reliable and timely service

Every time your coffee maker is not working, you are losing money. With our service, it is possible to get a coffee machine repair technician at your location in as little as 30 minutes or at a time that is convenient for you. We strive to offer the fastest and most reliable coffee machine service to keep your business profitable and running longer.

Our technicians are always available and will attend to you in the shortest time possible. We will troubleshoot and diagnose the problem and offer you a competitive quote on the same.

If you are having difficulties with your coffee machine, call us for fast, professional repairs today.

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