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Most Trusted Commercial Countertop Cooktops Services

When it comes to designing or building a decent commercial countertop kitchen, a commercial countertop cooktop is supposed to enhance and complement the other appliances. A commercial cooktop comes in handy whenever there is a need for urgency. Most customers prefer their meals ready and are easily agitated when their orders are delayed; modern cooktop design allows good functionality and at the same supposed to meet aesthetics features.

Unimaster Limited installs, repairs, and maintains commercial kitchen appliances comprising of advanced countertop burners, efficient induction cooktops, food warmers and much more. With the introduction of commercial cooktops, catering establishments enjoy higher productivity, safer cooking environments, substantial energy savings and last but most important offer better quality food while using a commercial countertop cooktop. Unimaster Limited is bent on providing professional commercial countertop cooktop services, with advanced technology ranging from holistic services to reliable delivery systems and installations.

Commercial Countertop Cooktop Services

Whether it is an institution, food truck, or restaurant, it is important to ensure your cooktop appliance is in optimal condition. Unforeseen problems cost your business losses by the minute. This is why you should not delay in contacting Unimaster Limited. The sooner you call us the sooner we can rectify your appliance and prevent further losses to your business. We provide commercial countertop cooktop services for the following countertop cooktop burners.

Gas Cooktops

The compatibility, easy regulation of temperatures while cooking makes gas cooktops a favorite for most establishments in the food industry, not all cookers allow you to heat sauces and quickly bring them to a simmer on one burner, or better yet, fry vegetables while at the same time braise meat. The dynamics of a gas cooktop facilitates all these features. The operational costs of gas cooktops are much lower in comparison to electric cookpots thus lowering the monthly utility cost. Gas cookpots also come in handy when extreme weather causes power outages.

Electric Coil Cooktops

Electric coil cooktops happen to be the most stress-free option when it comes to electric cooktops. It is an appealing option for startups as well as established business shopping for something durable and affordable. With the electric coil cooktop, you can clean the surface and work the cookware as vigorously as you deem fit without damaging the cooktop. The cooktop is also advantageous when using iron pans with a heavy cast or heavy cookware that may damage other types of countertop cooktops.

Electric Smooth Commercial Countertop Cooktop

This type of cooktop burner has a glass top for establishments who appreciate kitchen aesthetic and like keeping it sleek and modern appreciate this type of commercial countertop cooktop. Due to its smooth surface, the cooktop blends seamlessly with your countertops in the kitchen. The top is susceptible to harm as it is made from glass, this calls for extra caution while using rough or heavy cookware to prevent scratches and cracks.

Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is a good choice for preventing accidental fire while cooking with multiple cookware. The induction burner uses electromagnetic heating technology, so you do not get a frame since it only radiates heat when it comes into contact with the cookware. The induction cooktop burner cools down as soon as you remove the cookware, this is because there is no flame or heated coil to cool down. The technology allows the induction burner to attain high temperatures in a shorter time compared to other types of commercial countertop cooktop burners.

Common Commercial Countertop Cooktop Problems

As is the case with all appliances, commercial cooktops are faced with malfunctions at the worst possible time. The problems may arise from faulty installations, wrong usage, or lack of service. Most appliances have manuals that direct the user on the various ways to utilize these appliances. If unchecked, the faults could lead to damages or fatal accidents in the establishment.

Why choose Unimaster limited

Highly Qualified Professionals

Unimaster Limited offers a wide range of professionals with diverse skills to offer commercial countertop cooktop services; the technicians are trained to handle variant brands for a broad range of services including countertop cooktop installation, repair, and maintenance, our call center is open for any queries and follow-ups after installation. We have mobile response crews with manufacturer-accredited professionals.

Minimal supervision

You as the client should not be inclined to be onsite as our technicians troubleshoot and diagnose the cooktop burner. Our experts are handy and can complete the tasks beyond customer expectations allowing you to conduct other tasks in your establishment.

Advanced Repair and Service Equipment

Our technicians can pinpoint the specific root of the problem in your appliance and offer the required remedy in the first visit. Some of the benefits of using advanced equipment are that they are more reliable, efficient, and ideal for repairing commercial cooktops.

Unimaster Limited is influencing how the catering establishments prepare food. A kitchen with multiple burners running concurrently experiences great difficulty while preparing orders. When the cooking process is simplified to become more efficient, the cooks and other food service professionals can focus on satisfying customers, increased performance, and deliver extraordinary food.