A commercial kitchen can run into high cleaning expenses no matter the size of the kitchen. It is for this reason that you will need to purchase commercial warewashers and dishwashers to ease the strain on the need for clean crockery and dishes. You might also consider getting commercial dishwashers, and the two appliances can run concurrently. However, you will need to get a professional company to offer maintenance services and proper commercial appliance repairs.

Commercial Dishwasher Repair

At Unimaster Limited, we have built a reputation for offering the best repairs and maintenance services in the following areas in Vancouver.


If you run a commercial kitchen in these regions and the neighboring areas, do not hesitate to contact Unimaster Limited for the following commercial warewashers and dishwashers services.

Commercial Dishwashers and Warewashers Installation

Unlike the residential appliances, the installation of commercial types requires a professional company. It might seem like a DIY job, but there are certain things such as making a new electrical connection that requires wiring. Our technicians have the proper training for handling all electrical work and the installation of electrical appliances are in our lane.

We can help you plan the perfect spot for stationing your commercial dishwashers and warewashers to ensure that you maximize space. The size of the dishwasher and warewasher basket determines the space you need to create. Basket sizes range between 450 mm2 to 500 mm2. We will also help you in creating a maintenance schedule of the newly installed appliance to reduce repair costs and increase the lifespan of your appliance.

Commercial Warewashers and Commercial Dishwasher Repairs

Commercial dishwashers and warewashers are built to withstand huge loads, anywhere between 600 to 1300 crockery. With proper maintenance services, they can operate optimally for a couple of months. However, there will come a time when they will breakdown and unfortunately, at the worst possible time. We are on hand to offer the professional commercial dishwasher repairs at a time of your convenience.

You do not have to worry when you experience appliance breakdown; we offer emergency repair services no matter the time of day. Our customer care representatives are on hand to dispatch one of our mobile crews nearest to your place of business. We have confidence in our repair crews that they will provide holistic solutions during the first visit. However, we recommend that you get you undertake maintenance services for your dishwasher and warewasher monthly or bimonthly depending on how old it is as well as the workload it handles on a daily basis.

Why Choose Unimaster Limited for Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Hundreds of customers come back for our commercial appliance repairs and other services for a variety of reasons. Here are the top reasons why they will not go to other companies and neither should you.

Competent and Professional Service Crews

We have encountered hundreds of customers irked by the type of service offered by our competitors. It is for this reason why we urge you to try out Unimaster Limited whenever you need commercial dishwasher repairs and warewashers maintenance services. We hire only the best technicians in the market and never will we use subcontractors to work on your commercial warewashers and dishwashers.

Every technician dispatched by the Unimaster Limited customer care representatives has undergone rigorous training from dishwasher and warewashers manufacturers. We also ensure that they are registered and insured, and this puts us in a position to offer the best and unbeatable service in the entire Vancouver area.

Most Competitive Prices in the Region

We have seen companies come and go and the biggest reason is in their prices. We are confident in the quality we provide and charge competitive prices in theTop brand dishwasher installations market. Unlike our competitors who charge their services by the hour, we ensure that the technician first completes the job before money changes hands. Our knowledgeable customer care representatives are in a position to offer a solid quote for a variety of services.

New clients get a discount on labor costs as well as spare parts costs. We are also on hand to offer affordable service warranties as an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures that you get reduced costs for subsequent services rendered.

We Bring Our Services to You

Once your commercial warewashers and dishwashers breakdown, you do not have to incur hauling costs as we bring our services to you. After you disconnect the call with our customer care representative, they will then dispatch one of our rapid response crews to your location. However, we will need your permission to use your cellular data to ensure that we can pinpoint your exact location. We guarantee that our commercial dishwashers and warewashers technicians will be at your establishment in 30 minutes or less. The service crews work around the clock in shifts, so we are in a position to expedite our services day or night.

No matter the brand of commercial warewashers or dishwashers you use in your establishment, we are the best company to offer commercial dishwasher repairs.

Contact us via our call center or online and you will be back in business in a few minutes.

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