Most people do not know the difference between food processors and blenders and many entrepreneurs buy the wrong appliance for their establishments in the food industry. A commercial food processor chops, slices, liquefies, and dices food and ingredients as well as the capability of mixing the dough. Apart from cleaning after use, food processors are low maintenance appliances. However, with continued use, you will need to enlist the help of a professional food processor repairs company.

If you have an establishment in Vancouver and the surrounding regions, then you will benefit significantly from the commercial appliances services offered at Unimaster Limited such as food processor repairs.

Food Processor Installation

There are two types of commercial food processors in the market belt drive and direct drive. Direct drive processors are identical to blenders with the motor and blade housed underneath the bowl. Belt drive processors have the motor on the side, and it drives the blades using a belt. We are versed in the installation of these two types of food processors, and our technicians show up with the proper equipment to carry out the installation.

Food Processor Repairs

Most entrepreneurs hardly think about repairs when the appliance is still new, but you ought to think about maintenance services to ensure that you get optimal service from your food processor. Cleaning using the right products will as well go a long way into ensuring that you avoid hefty repair costs. However, in time, the food processor parts will fail, and you can count on Unimaster Limited to offer professional food processor repairs.

We have factory trained food processor technicians that receive rigorous training on how to maintain and repair commercial appliances like the food processor. We work with small as well as big commercial kitchens, and for more than five years that we have been in business, we have not come across an appliance we cannot fix. We have skills and experience with various food processor brands such as Coupe, Kitchenaid, Commercial, Robot, and Waring, just to name a few.

Common Commercial Food Processor ProblemsCommercial Food Processor Maintenance

Like any other appliance in your kitchen, commercial or residential, there comes a time when problems crop up. Here are some of the problems which when they arise, you ought to contact Unimaster Limited ASAP!

Dull Blades

Continued use of the food processor will warrant that the blades will at one point become dull. This will result in the food processor’s failure to cut chop, dice, and liquefy the food as desired. Contact us immediately to avoid having your ingredients looking a mess.

Stuck Blades

This problem arises especially when you have food sediments are lodged in the blade assembly, or the drive coupling builds up rust. When the blades start to get stuck, and the food processor is not in pulse mode you need to stop using the appliance and contact us ASAP! The worst-case scenario should you continue using a food processor with stuck blades is that it could blow up.

Fails to Turn On

If your food processor fails to run even when connected to the power supply, you have a significant problem on your hands. You might have damaged cords or a faulty motor. Trying to make the food processor repairs a DIY project; you could aggravate the situation and cause more damages.

Food Processor Functions at Certain Speeds Only

Food Processors have various speeds to which they ought to function, but problems might crop up with the multi-speed switch. This is an internal problem that will require removing the covering and inspecting the electrical components.

Motor Runs, But Blades Do not

This is a maintenance issue, and we can help in the drafting of a maintenance schedule and carrying out the activities to avoid instances such as this one.

Whenever you encounter the above problems with your commercial food processor contact Unimaster Limited for unmatched commercial appliance repairs as well as maintenance services.

Why Choose Unimaster Limited

You should avoid leaving your commercial appliances to unprofessional companies. Hundreds of establishments in the food industry can vouch for Unimaster Limited and the services we offer. Here are reasons why you ought to consider us for your commercial appliances repairs.

Equipped Mobile Crews

Whenever your food processor breaks down, you only need to contact us, and we will bring our services to you thanks to our mobile service crews. We have equipped them with the latest equipment to install, diagnose, and troubleshoot commercial appliances. Our customer care representative will dispatch one to your location with a guarantee that they will be at your place of business in under 30 minutes.

Each crew has at least two competent and experienced crews who are Unimaster Limited employees. Unlike our competitors, we do not subcontract our services to other companies, and we guarantee the best repair and maintenance service.

Competitive Prices

We charge the most competitive prices in the region that are only fair to the quality of service we offer. New customers get unmatched discounts on spare parts and labor costs. We also have affordable service warranties that act as an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact Unimaster Limited today and get professional food processor repairs and services. 

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