In the modern commercial kitchen, most foods need heating before they are served. Despite having a range or an oven, a griddle is a more efficient appliance, and saves time. Commercial griddles come in a variety of designs and they can either be freestanding, countertops, or part of a large appliance such as an oven. However, the size of your kitchen and the type of food you specialize in will determine which type of griddle you will get.

At Unimaster Limited, we have built a reputation for being the top installation and maintenance Service Company for commercial kitchen appliances. We have been in the business for a little over five years now, and our experience and skill has endeared us to the entrepreneurs in the Vancouver area and the surrounding regions. We install, repair, and maintain appliances in restaurants, country clubs, food trucks, hospitals, among others. Contact our call centers, speak to any one of our customer service agents, and allow us to help you solve the issue at hand.

Common Problems Facing Commercial Griddles

In the course of time that we have been doing griddle repairs, we have picked up various problems that arise with griddles in the modern commercial kitchen, and we provide solutions to the problems.

Overzealous Cleaning

After the end of a long day, kitchen staff will want to close up shop as fast as possible. For this reason, they take the easy way out and use oven-cleaning products to clean the griddle. Note that oven cleaners are not food rated and are too harsh on the heating surface. Always ensure that your employees use the proper cleaning agent since the oven cleaner will strip the top material and the food will stick and burn on the griddle.

If you have an over cleaned griddle, our technicians have the necessary skills to reseason the surface. They will then teach the kitchen staff on how to clean the griddle properly with minimal effort.

Ice Cooling the Griddle Surface

Another common mistake kitchen staff make when closing down for the day is that they throw ice on the surface of the griddle to cool it down for cleaning. However, this reduces the lifespan of your griddle. The sudden drop in temperature causes warping leading to the development of hairline cracks on the griddle surface due to weakened welds. Consequently, there will be dripping of grease to the back of the griddle. To rectify the problem, it requires that we undertake costly welding.

Failing Thermostat

Throughout the day, the griddle temperature is regulated very often, and the thermostat will eventually fail in time. When your griddle starts cooking food faster than the set temperature or slower, then you have a faulty thermostat on your hands. However, you can always ensure that the flame is burning correctly, blue flame with yellow tips. If the flame is mostly yellow, then you have a combustion problem if you are using a gas-powered griddle. The element in the electric griddle ought to always be red hot even on the low-temperature regulations.

Why Choose Unimaster Limited

We are arguably the best commercial kitchen appliance services company, and we are only a call away. We have a call center operating 24/7, and we have staffed it with competent and informed customer care representatives to handle the above and more problems. Here are reasons why hundreds of entrepreneurs rely on us for griddle repairs.

Skilled and Experienced Professionals

Our technicians are professionals, and we keep improving their skills to ensure that we expedite valuable services. We have partnerships with various manufacturers such as Star, Garland, Holman, Alto, Duke, Rational, Blue Seal, U.S. Range, Star, and Quest, just to name a few. They train our technicians in the innovations they add to their commercial griddles. This way, we can remove old griddles and replace them with new and more efficient models.

Advanced Tools and Equipment for Griddle Repairs

Griddles have seen much innovation and the tools used a decade ago will not work on the griddle in the modern commercial kitchen. We provide every technician with a set of tools and equipment to undertake the necessary repairs and maintenance on your commercial griddle.

We Come To You

No matter the type of griddle you have in your kitchen, we ensure to provide the best service, and it stars with bringing our services to you. As soon as you hang up the phone after talking to our customer care representative, they dispatch one of our rapid response crews to your location, and we guarantee that they will be in your location within the hour.

Competitive Prices

One of the reasons that most entrepreneurs prefer waiting for days before the dealership can make the necessary repairs is the hefty prices charged by service companies. However, we have built our client portfolio to include more than 100 clients because of our competitive prices that match the quality of our service. On top of that, we issue a service warranty and in case of the problem recurring, we will repair and maintain your griddle at no cost.

In conclusion, you will not get a better company to install your new commercial griddles, and be on hand to offer griddle repairs and maintenance.

We guarantee that we will have a professional griddle technician at your location to troubleshoot and diagnose your commercial griddle problem.

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