If you are in the food production industry and especially the buffet type of setting, keeping food warm for the next customer in line can be a challenge. Commercial heat lamps are a great and economical solution to keeping food at the right temperature for longer periods of time.

These types of lamps are usually preferred because they can keep food at a constant temperature helping to prolong shelf life while retaining its original taste. With our reliable heat lamp repair, we can help ensure that your heat lamps are always in their best form and when they break down, our quick and reliable services will get them working again promptly.

Types of Commercial Heat Lamps

There are different types of heat lamps available on the market. They differ in functionality, applications and also in the elements used. Some are made out of glass while the more intense ones use ceramic.

Bulb heat lamps

For smaller restaurants or fewer amounts of food, the best heat lamp to use is the bulb heat lamp. It is economical and focuses on a smaller area which makes it a lot easier to keep food fresh and warm. Bulb warmers come with the advantage of having a variety of different mounting options depending on your preferred layout.

You can also choose whether you want to have a colored or clear coated bulb. While making a choice, it is imperative that you stay away from the incandescent options especially if you intend to use the bulb for keeping food warm.

Commercial strip warmersCommercial Heat Lamp Services with Unimaster

Strip warmers are a more efficient option. They are best suited for larger establishments with more food which requires more efficient warmers. Strip warmers are highly economical and can provide you with quality service over an extended period.

Common Commercial Heat Lamp Problems

With continued use and extended hours of work per the demands of a restaurant, it is possible that your commercial heat lamp will start running into problems. With heat lamps, the problem-range is diverse which includes;

  • Bulb failure
  • Flickering of the bulb
  • Total failure of the bulb
  • Low output
  • Heat lamp not heating
  • Heat Lamp Mount parts not moving

There are numerous problems that can affect your commercial heat lamp. We have just highlighted the ones that we get called on to work on most. No matter the challenges that you may be facing with your food warmers, you can rely on our technicians to come and get them working again.

We specialize in both ceramic and infrared commercial heat lamps from various brands like Hatco, Nemco, Value Series, Carlisle, Shat-R-Shield and Hanson Brass among others.

Reasons Why Unimaster Limited is the Best Choice

Timely service

We know how essential heat lamps are to your business and having one of them not working and not repaired in time can cause significant losses. With our service, you are guaranteed of a quick response and arrival of the heat lamp repair team. We will work diligently to get your food heat lamps working again in the shortest time possible.

Professional, qualified and experienced technicians

When it comes to your commercial heat lamp and other commercial kitchen appliances, we have put together a highly qualified team of experts with a wealth of experience to make sure our clients are always able to get the best service all the time. We are happy that 86% of our clients are repeat clients who are ever ready to use our services whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We will be more than happy to provide you with our highly professional and high-quality service to make sure your commercial kitchen appliances are always in their best state and ready to use at all times.

Comprehensive services

With Unimaster, our clients can enjoy extensive repair, maintenance, and servicing packages. With proper maintenance and servicing, it is possible to avoid most breakdowns and the business can save on the costs of replacement, replacement parts and repairing the heat lamps.

With our services, we can help you maintain and continuously service your commercial food heat lamps to guarantee the best service for a longer time. Because all work is in-house, you will be able to get all these and other services under one roof. You can also enjoy the technical advice from our technicians to help you prolong the life of your equipment.

Affordable and competitive prices

We believe in offering our clients the best service and value for their money. We have a unique charging rate that allows the client to pay only for work that has been done. Unlike other repair shops, we do not charge by the hour. We only charge per the job done. This allows the client to save more on our services and only pay for what has been done.

For better financial management, our technicians will always offer you a quote after the diagnosis has been made. For new and return customers, you might also get a discounted labor charge rate for our heat lamp repair.

Service Warranty for commercial Heat Lamp Repairs

We always want our customers to be at peace and know that we have done an excellent job. With the comprehensive training and experience of our experts, we understand the process that should be taken to safeguard the manufacturer’s warranty on your food heat lamp. We also use the best and high-quality equipment and repairs to guarantee quality and lasting results.

Get in touch with our call center today to enjoy our full range of services and repairs.

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