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Commercial Immersion Blender Repairs and Services

In commercial kitchens, Immersion blenders are a huge help. They are used to puree soups and emulsify sauces, thus saving manpower and energy. Before the invention of this helpful kitchen tool, if you wanted to puree something you would have to pulse it through a sieve. The nature of commercial kitchens requires speed. This kitchen appliance fits perfectly into the agenda of large scale kitchens that rely on large scale output to keep their businesses aloof.

Not only is a commercial immersion blender great for soups, this gadget can also be used to whip creams and puree fruits. Immersion blenders also go by names such as hand blenders, stick blenders and wand blenders. Normal blenders for home use usually have a power rate of 120w, while commercial immersion blenders require more power hence they range anywhere from 300w to 600w. There are a variety of designs of commercial immersion blenders. Choosing the right design to fit your needs is crucial to the seamless functioning of this kitchen appliance.

Unimaster limited specializes in the immersion blender repairs and maintenance. We have over five years experience in fixing machines in the kitchen. Our goals is to ensure we restore the functioning of your broken down kitchen tools to the point of good as new. We also understand the urgency of needing your kitchen appliances repaired in the shortest amount of time possible so we move with speed to alleviate all present kitchen machine emergencies. At Unimaster limited, we provide installation, repair and maintenance services for commercial kitchens across Vancouver and other surrounding regions.

Most Common Problems Facing Commercial Immersion BlendersCommercial Immersion Blender Services

In our line of work we have encountered a few common problems that lead to the breakdown of commercial immersion blenders. We have compiled a list of some of the most frequent problems together with a few solutions to evade damaging the commercial immersion blender.

Not cleaning the Immersion blender well

An immersion blender has a shaft and blades at the end of the shaft. If not cleaned well, the blades become blunt hence making the blender slow. You will begin to notice the blender slowing down in its functions. Eventually the immersion blender will jam and stop working. Cleaning between the blades is a hard task but the best way to do it is to soak the blades in water in order to ensure that any residue stuck between the blades comes out. Trying to remove the residue by hand could prove to be dangerous because the blades are very sharp. At Unimaster limited, we have the necessary tools to sharpen the blunt blades to complete immersion blender repairs.

Leaving the immersion blender unplugged.

Kitchen staff may forget to plug out the immersion blender because they are in a hurry. This could lead to the damaging of the fuse on the immersion blender in case of a short circuit in the electrical connection of the kitchen. It is crucial to advise kitchen staff to unplug kitchen appliances that do not need to be plugged in after use. This could salvage not only your immersion blender but also your other kitchen appliances which are crucial to the running of your kitchen business. In case of electrical damage, our experienced technicians are ready to fix immersion blender repairs.

Getting the wrong immersion blender

It is important to get the right immersion blender for the heavy output level of your kitchen. If your business establishment frequently uses the immersion blender, it is advisable to get a powerful high voltage blender that can take such heavy work. When shopping for a good immersion blender, it is important to get one that is high quality. The saying you get what you pay for applies here. Also getting two or three of these gadgets for a commercial kitchen will only help the blenders go for longer without needing repairs. Even so, maintenance is a huge part of what we do at Unimasters so by using our services you are guaranteed longer and better service of your kitchen appliances.

What to expect when you hire Unimaster Limited for repairs

Our services are custom made for all our clients. We thoughtfully put together repair and maintenance packages that will benefit our clients.

Skilled workmanship

The need to provide the best services to our clients is our driving force hence we have only the best technicians who come to your aid. We invest heavily in training our team members to be customer friendly and efficient so you are assured of quality services from our team.

Advanced Tools and Equipment for Commercial Immersion blender Repairs

With the advancement of technology in the kitchen industry, we made sure to also keep our equipment and tools up to date for quicker and better delivery of maintenance and repair services for all types of kitchen appliances.

Fast services

Our customer care department works around the clock to ensure that when you call we are right there in only a matter of minutes. We realize that most of our clients are in a kitchen crisis when they have broken down commercial immersion blenders while having a full house to cater to. For this reason we always have a team ready to come to your aid in case of any kitchen appliance emergencies.

Best market prices

We have built quite a good reputation in service delivery which makes our company the go to for kitchen repairs and maintenance. As so we make sure not to overcharge our clients because we care about the success of their businesses and even rely on them for more referrals. Our price range is quite affordable and the best in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and get the best repair, installation and maintenance services for your commercial immersion blender.