In the modern commercial food industry, there is the need to reduce the time it takes for a customer to get their food. For this reason, there is the need to ensure always that you have the proper appliances to fast track your service delivery. A commercial microwave is one of the best investments you can make whether you run a catering company, restaurant country club, and other kitchens in the modern food industry. However, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of using residential microwaves. Despite this, a microwave is essential in meeting the requirements of the users on both sides of the serving counter.

In case of problems with your microwave, do not hesitate to contact Unimaster Limited for professional commercial microwave repairs in Vancouver and the surrounding regions. We have built a reputation for providing holistic solutions in the first visit. We guarantee 100% satisfaction coupled with the best prices in the industry. Contact our call center or use the chat box on our website to schedule for repairs and maintenance.

Types of Microwave in a Commercial Kitchen

There are various types of microwave options today, and you need to make informed decisions when making a purchase. Our technicians are capable of installing, repairing, and maintaining various types of microwaves such as

Countertop Microwaves

These are the most common type of microwaves, and they come in a variety of wattages and sizes. However, they take up so much space, and they have a limited ventilation system.

Drawer Style Microwaves

These type of microwaves are installed below your kitchen’s countertop, or the wall mounted oven. They offer the convenience of sliding out, and they take up less space. The position is convenient for the service staff, and they can have steaming hot meals for the clientele.


These are at the height of style, and they blend in seamlessly with the interior of your commercial kitchen. Most feature a drop-down oven like the one in the ovens, and they are installed above ranges and stoves.

Over-The-Range Microwaves

This type combines the microwave in the range hood, and it is highly effective in saving space and brings a range of functional features.

Depending on your output requirements, the above microwave types will do the work for you. However, they are bound to develop problems, and you need to contact Unimaster. Let us now shift focus to the common microwave problems.

Common Commercial Microwave Problems

A myriad of microwave problems crop up at the most unfortunate of times and especially those intended for commercial use. We have built a reputation for providing solutions to the following industrial microwave problems.

These are just, but a few of the few problems associated with industrial microwaves and you need to call on us for as soon as you realize any of the above problems. We assure you that you will be back in business within the hour. Most of these problems are common across the major microwave brands such as LG, Whirlpool, Holman, Garland Quest, Duke, Blue Seal, Garland Star, U.S.Range, Rational, Samsung, and Hotpoint, just to name a few.

Modern microwaveReasons Why Unimaster Limited Is the Best Choice

Professional and Highly-Trained Technicians

Over 86% of our clients do not hesitate to call us when they have problems with their microwaves and other commercial kitchen appliances. We attribute this to our highly trained professionals with more than five years of experience in commercial kitchen appliance repairs and maintenance. Our technicians are courteous and handle each client with the highest regard. Each of our technicians has an immaculate uniform, and he or she will produce identification papers to show that he or she represents Unimaster Limited.

Most Competitive prices in the Region

The number of food industry entrepreneurs relying on the dealership that sold them their commercial microwave is decreasing. This can be attributed to the fact that companies such as Unimaster Limited are giving affordable commercial microwave repairs at the convenience of the client. This being said, we have some of the most competitive prices in the region. Unlike our competitors who charge by the hour, we charge per every job was done. New customers can expect a discount on the labor charge.

We guarantee that our technicians will issue quote after troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem with your microwave. This way you can decide whether to accept our services.

Service Warranty for Commercial Microwave Repairs

You do not have to worry about your microwave’s warranty becoming invalid; every technician has the highly coveted manufacturer accreditation. They receive training in troubleshooting modern commercial microwave ovens, and the permission to carry out commercial microwave repairs. This upholds the integrity of their warranty, and on top of this we give service warranty to every client, they receive discounts for additional repairs, and if the problem serviced crops up again, we would repair it free.

In conclusion, we have a call center with customer care representatives working in shifts around the clock. They will dispatch a mobile crew to your location in 30 minutes or at a time of your convenience.

We ensure to leave your kitchen as clean as when we started the job and got you back to business as soon as possible.

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