Commercial mixers have baking much easier. With improved features and power, commercial mixers are a must have for every restaurant, kitchen, and catering service business. They are handy and save time especially in mixing processes.

While buying a commercial mixer, it is imperative to purchase the best quality. It is going to offer you better and longer service. But, even the best brands can break down, and that is where we come in. At Unimaster Limited, we specialize in commercial mixer repair and services to help you get more out of your equipment. Our services are designed to offer our clients the best experience and value for money.

Types of Commercial Mixers

One of the best ways to avoid recurrent damages to your commercial mixer is to make sure you buy the right mixer for the right job. There are three types of mixers in the market, and each of them has unique features that are best used in specific applications.

Planetary mixer

Planetary mixers feature an agitator and an offset shaft. The two work counterclockwise while the mixing bowl remains stationary. It is more or less the same way planets revolve around the sun hence the name planetary mixer.

Also known as a vertical mixer, these mixers feature different interchangeable agitator attachments that allow mixing of different things from icing to puddings and dough.

Dough mixers

These are also known as spiral mixers. They feature an agitator with a spiral shape which remains stationary. With these mixers, it is the bowl that revolves. Because of this unique design, they can mix in large quantities.

spiral mixers do not feature different agitator attachment which can be a downside but, they can mix a considerable amount of dough at a go. In this case, you do not need to change the bowl when mixing smaller batches which saves time.

Planetary mixers are diverse in their functioning and can be used in different settings including cake shops where there are many things to be mixed. On the other hand, Dough mixers are made with mixing the dough in mind.

Common Commercial Mixers Problems

Because commercial mixers are not as sophisticated as some of the other equipment you have in your business, the common problems that they are going to present are usually limited. Some of these include

Even though usual problems with a commercial mixer are minimal, any issues should be checked out quickly by a commercial mixer repair expert to prevent further damage. With our commercial mixer service, we can conduct diagnosis, repairs, maintenance, and service your mixer for improved and sustained performance.

Our team of qualified technicians can conduct commercial mixer repairs on different brands like Globe, Kitchenaid, and Hobart among others.

Why Choose Unimaster Limited Commercial Mixer Services?

Fast and timely service

We always have a team of qualified technicians working round the clock. No matter what time your mixer breaks down, you can get in touch with our customer support team, and we will have a team with you in no time. Our goal is to get your business running again in the shortest time possible, and we are always able to achieve that through quick response and timely service.

Professional and highly trained commercial mixer repair technicians

For the best services, we have ensured that we only hire the best technicians who are thoroughly trained and experienced. We have been able to produce quality results for our clients and up to 86% of those are now repeat clients. Other than technical training, the technicians are also trained on customer support and how to handle clients. They are courteous and friendly and conduct themselves professionally at all times.

Upon arrival at your business, our staff will present their identification papers to prove they are employees of Unimaster Limited and will be dressed appropriately in the Unimaster uniform.

Competitive and affordable prices

At Unimaster, we are not only after offering quality repair and maintenance services to our clients. We also make sure that our prices are reasonable, affordable and competitive. To achieve this, we have adopted a different charging rate where we charge our clients based on the work that we have done as opposed to an hourly rate which is costly and not in the best interest of the client.

Service Warranty for Commercial Mixer repair

If your mixer breaks down while the warranty is still active, you do not have to worry about our technicians invalidating it. All our technicians are holders of the manufacturer’s accreditation and have undergone the necessary training and have the permission to conduct repairs on mixers of different brands. With our commercial mixer service, the warranty of the product will be upheld. Additionally, we also offer our warranty for repairs completed as a guarantee to the client that we have done an excellent job.

Do not let a failing commercial mixer slow your business down. At Unimaster Limited, we can help you bring your commercial mixer and other commercial kitchen appliances back to life and extend their longevity.

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