Any modern commercial kitchen worth its salt must have a properly functioning oven. A majority of the people is shifting from deep-fried foods to baked goods, and it is necessary to cater to a wide variety of clientele. However, some entrepreneurs are looking to cut corners and installing second-hand ovens, and it only proves to be more expensive in the end. Modern ovens are more efficient in that they use less energy to deliver similar or better results. However, there are thousands of oven brands in the market today, and it is important that you research widely to make an informed buying decision.

At Unimaster Limited, we have built a reputation for providing oven installation, oven repair, as well as maintenance for a myriad of commercial ovens. We have amassed hundreds of clients in the commercial food industry including catering companies, restaurants, country clubs, and kitchens in institutions, in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. For the past five years, we have risen from a small company with a handful of employees, to having tens of employees working in shifts around the clock, and we are at hand to provide oven services whenever you need them.

Oven Installation

Whether it is your first commercial oven, or you want to replace your old one, we are the company of choice to ensure a safe removal as well as installation. Our technicians are equipped to safely install electric and gas ovens without risks to your employees and customers. Prior to our technicians arriving to install your oven, ensure that you have cleared the installation location.

We will inspect the power outlet as well as the gas supply to ensure that your oven will work optimally. We have seen a great many kitchens going up in flames since the entrepreneurs decided to disconnect the gas lines or electrical outlets themselves or hired a shoddy contractor. Ensure that you only get the best company to do the dismantling and installation and you cannot go wrong with Unimaster Limited.

Oven Repair

You will hardly fail to notice a malfunctioning oven and various signs characterize the malfunction. Look out for the following signs and contact us as soon as it is possible.

These are some of the common oven problems. You need to contact Unimaster Limited as soon as one or all of these problems crop up and we will be on hand to offer professional services on a moment’s notice.

Let us shift gears and look at what makes Unimaster Limited a darling in the food industry for the above oven services and more in Vancouver.

We Offer Emergency Oven Repair Services

It is common for businesses in the food sector to work around the clock to meet orders. At such times when your oven fails, you can count on us to get to your location at any time of day. Our call centers operate 24/7 with customer care representatives working in shifts. They then dispatch one of our mobile crews to your location to repair your commercial oven.

Each of our mobile crews is equipped with the proper tools to troubleshoot and diagnose a commercial oven problem, as well as make installations. The crew will be at your location within the hour to rectify the problems.

Manufacturer Accredited Technicians

We pride ourselves as one of the three companies in Vancouver with technicians accredited by oven manufacturers to carry out repair and maintenance services. The technicians undergo periodical training from the manufacturers and allowing them to offer holistic installation, repair, and maintenance services. All our oven technicians have official Unimaster Limited uniforms, and they have identification papers to ascertain that they are under Unimaster Limited.

Moreover, all our technicians are registered and bonded to ensure that you get professional services. Over 95% of our technicians have over five years of experience in oven repair and maintenance. We can guarantee that they will resolve the problem and properly install your oven.

Competitive Prices

Oven services need not cost an arm and a leg. We have some of the most competitive prices in the industry that match the quality of our services. Our customer care representative will be able to give you a quote for services such as oven installation. However, the technician will have to assess the damage before quoting the service charge.

Service Warranty

You do not have to worry about the validity of your oven’s warranty. This is because the accreditation by the manufacturer allows us to make any repairs as well as undertake oven maintenance. On top of this, we give service warranties to all our clients. This is to save you the costs should you have a recurring problem. However, our technicians are experienced and skilled, and they will rectify the problem during the first visit.

In conclusion, our professionalism and experience have carried to the top of the pile. You can rest assured that we will fix your problem in 30 minutes or less, so give us a call when you need oven installation, oven repair as well as oven maintenance services.

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