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Undisputed Commercial Panini Grill Repair & Services

Commercial kitchen appliances save time and money, and it is not convenient to run a modern kitchen without them. Whether you operate a restaurant, catering company, or any other type of commercial kitchen, you will have clientele asking for sandwiches. A Panini grill is a countertop appliance used to make a Panini sandwich with origins in Italy. It contains the top and bottom ridges that press and grill the bread part of the sandwich in one go. Commercial Panini grills are more diverse than the residential types, and they are a common feature in most of the establishments in the food industry.

Unimaster has carved a niche in the commercial kitchen appliances installation, repair, and maintenance in Vancouver and the surrounding regions. We have some of the most qualified professionals in the industry with experience spanning more than five years. Here are some of the common commercial appliances in the food industry.

Commercial Panini Grills

The commercial version of the Panini grill has a high output and come in various shapes and sizes. It is, therefore, crucial to have the size of your kitchen in mind the frequency of use. There are two main types of commercial Panini grills single and dual grills.

The single Panini grill takes up less countertop space, and they are ideal for delis, food trucks, and other small and medium-sized establishments. However, they take longer to complete orders. On the other hand, a dual Panini grill allows you to complete more orders in lesser time. However, they are much larger than the single grills and are ideal for establishments such as restaurants, country clubs, and other large commercial kitchens. The heating plates can be flat or grooved and utilize nonstick materials.

Common Panini Grill Problems

Over the course of 5 years, we have helped commercial kitchens in times when their commercial Panini grills have broken down. Except for a few isolated cases, we have identified the following problems and mastered the skills to fix them.Professional Panini Grill

  • Grills only one side of the bread
  • Grill will not turn on
  • Temperature regulation
  • Broken hinges
  • Busted elements

These are some of the most common problems facing Panini grills in commercial kitchens. This could mean halting entire orders, and this will can irritate your customers. Unimaster Limited is the leading company that offers emergency services no matter the time of day.

Our Broad Range of Services

We ensure to improve the skills of our Panini grill technicians by getting into partnerships with various manufacturers. This ensures that we provide holistic services for any brand available in the market. You can contact us for the following services

Panini Grill Installation

You require a professional company to install the Panini grills in your establishment. Our technicians are trained in the art of safely wiring electrical connections and regulating the voltage necessary for the optimal performance of your grill. We have equipped them with high-tech equipment to make a proper installation. We will also dismantle your old panini grill and install your new one.

Commercial Panini Grill Repairs and Maintenance

The partnership with the manufacturers allows us to repair your faulty grill without invalidating the appliance’s warranty. Our technicians are highly skilled and the experience they have picked up over the years gives us the confidence to assure you that we will rectify the problem on the first visit.

We recommend that you get your grill serviced at least once every six months. Our technicians have a knack for identifying problems waiting to happen, and they will diagnose the problems on the spot allowing you to focus on giving the best service to your customers on time.

Most Competitive Prices

It does not matter the time of day that your grill breaks down; we have mobile response crews on hand to offer emergency services. However, you can also schedule the Panini grill repairs and maintenance at a time of your convenience. Our customer care representatives will give a solid quote for services such as the installation of your grill, but the final quote for repairs and parts is given by the technician who shows up to fix your Panini grill.

New customers get a discount on the labor charges and every customer benefits from a service warranty that allows you to get the Panini grill repairs at reduced prices. You will not get a better deal anywhere else.

We Bring Our Services to You

Whenever you need our services, we do not put you off or subcontract the job to other companies. Once you hang up the phone after giving the location of your establishment, our customer care representatives dispatch one of the mobile crews closest to your location. We guarantee that they will be with you in 30 minutes or less. All our professionals are smartly dressed in company uniforms, and they bear a Unimaster identification card. The crews have advanced tools to expedite Panini grill repairs.

No matter the type of Panini grill you have in your establishment, we are in a position to handle the job. Contact our customer care representative at any time of day for the best and professional Panini grill repairs.