In a high output kitchen establishment, commercial slicers are used more than any other kitchen appliance. For this reason, it is important to have the commercial slicers in your kitchen in tip top condition always. Commercial slicers are used to slice different foods such as meats, cheese, vegetables that need precise cuts and dough. There are also different types of slicers for example heavy duty slicers that are most likely used to cut meats with bones in them.

Medium duty slicers are used to chop cheese and vegetables to desired cuts with precision. Most commercial slicers come with slicing accessories in case you want to add different designs or patterns on the vegetable cuts. Commercial slicers are much more very effective in food factories, restaurants, butcheries, and hotels. There are automatic powered slicers and manual slicers.

Manual models require an operator to help the machine function while an automatic slicer does all the work for you. All you need to do is place whatever it is you want sliced. Each slicer has different size blades. Some commercial slicers come with different blade accessories of different sizes. Sizes range from 9 inches to 15 inches.

Commercial Slicer repairs and maintenance are one of the many services offered at Unimaster limited. We have assembled a qualified team of technicians ready to fix your commercial slicer in case of damage. We have been in operation for more than five years and as a result we have acquired a deep understanding for our customer needs. At Unimaster limited, we guarantee effective and fast services to mitigate commercial kitchen crisis. We offer a wide range of repair, maintenance and installation services all over Vancouver and surrounding regions.

Common Problems Facing Commercial SlicersCommercial slicer Services

Over the years we encounter common problems that may lead to the damage of commercial slicers. We have compiled the most common of them while also giving you a few pointers on how to deal with these problems.

Lack of professional maintenance and sanitizing

Commercial slicers are used frequently. For this reason, it is important to get professionals to sanitize and maintain the slicer for you regularly. Failure to do this may cause dangerous health hazards to customers who consume your products. According to food safety professionals, it is hard for regular kitchen staff to thoroughly clean the commercial slicer mainly because not all parts of a commercial slicer are easy to reach hence you need to involve a professional commercial slicer maintenance and repair company such as Unimaster limited. Professional cleaning and sanitizing also helps to evade problems such as jamming of the slicer due to build up of debris stuck inside the slicer.

Heaving large amounts on the slicer all at once

Sometimes kitchen staff may be tempted to heave huge amounts of meat or cheese all at once for the benefit of saving time. Although commercial slicers are made with power to withstand, regularly bundling food in without giving it time to operate can lead to damage. Just like any other kitchen appliance, if you put too much in at a go, it is likely to give out faster. The best thing to do would be to get an extra slicer if you need to produce output at a high level. Making commercial slicer repairs for these types of problems is possible none the less. You just need to contact Unimaster limited for effective and fast commercial slicer repairs.

Not lubricating the joints of the commercial slicer

While a slicer is operating, a lot of friction is also taking place. Most commercial slicers are made of metal which is susceptible to friction. For this reason, a commercial slicer needs lubrication in order to prevent clanking together of the metal which can lead to jamming of the kitchen appliance. It is advisable to oil the machine once every two weeks for seamless operation of the commercial slicer. For professional commercial slicer maintenance services, Unimaster Limited is at your beck and call.

Why hire Unimaster Limited for commercial slicer repairs and maintenance services

Maintenance and sanitizing services for commercial slicers are crucial to the adhering of health standards for all commercial kitchen establishments. At Unimaster limited, we have you covered.

Skilled technicians

We have a large team carefully selected specialists ready to combat any of your kitchen conundrums head on. Our staff is highly qualified and professional. You can expect quality services every time with Unimasters Limited.

Advanced Tools and Equipment for Commercial Slicer Repairs and Maintenance

We use high quality tools and equipment to repair kitchen appliances. We also use high quality lubricants to oil the joints in the commercial slicer.

Get your repairs done fast

At Unimasters limited we have a great team of customer care representatives who work around the clock to ensure that a team is dispatched for every call we get to service our clients.

Get value for money

Our market prices are unrivalled. You get the best service tailor made for you at a reasonable price point. We also have discounts for all our loyal clients.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and get the best repair, installation and maintenance services for your commercial slicer.

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