Using steam to cook your food has been scientifically proven be more beneficial than shallow frying, deep frying or boiling. This is because the food retains most of its nutrients while getting cooked at the same time. It’s a win-win situation. Moisture is retained in the food hence there is no drying effect when the food is done. When cooking vegetables with a steamer, they retain their vibrant color. If your restaurant has a vegetarian or vegan menu, then you have to invest in a commercial steamer if you have not already. Your guests will appreciate how flavorful the food you serve is.

This is why at Unimaster Ltd, we appreciate the need to provide prompt and around the clock kitchen appliance maintenance and repair services. We not only have some of the most qualified personnel working with us, but we have also managed to cultivate the spirit of dedication for every client we service amongst all our team members. This has led to the creation of a great brand that caters to a wide client base in Langley, Vancouver and Burnaby area.

There are many types of commercial steamers. There is the pressure steamer which is mostly for cooking in high volume and at a fast rate. There is also the convection steamer which is much slower than a pressure steamer. It has longer cook time but the end product is of high quality. Under this two types, you will find others that include microwave steamers, stand alone steamers, Steam jacketed kettles, portion steamers among many others. Here are some of the common challenges that Restaurant owners may encounter with commercial steamers.

Overloading the steamer

Commercial kitchens are some of the busiest places to work in especially if you have a large customer base. As so the rush to get food cooked fast is imminent. Your chefs may be tempted to overload the commercial steamers in order to achieve larger output. You can hardly blame them because the shorter the waiting time for food, the greater the impression on the customers. Even so, if your food establishment has a lot of traffic it would be advisable to get multiple steamers instead of overloading the few that you have. Overloading could lead to decrease in performance of your commercial steamer.

Poor water quality

Steamer productsEvery steamer needs water to produce steam. This water needs to be of good quality as advised by most manufacturers. Depending on the commercial steamer you get, you should strictly follow the instructions on the user manual to avoid damaging the steamer. Using poor water quality may also lead to unwanted flavor addition to your food. You most certainly want to make sure that the food you prepare retains its authentic taste.

Choosing the wrong steamer for your needs

Different commercial steamers have different uses therefore you need to figure out for what purpose you need the commercial steamer. Using one steamer as a one size fits all is not advisable. Pressure steamers work at a more intense level than convectional steamers which is why you need to thoroughly go through the manufacturers guide before you go ahead and purchase. Using a steamer for the wrong purposes could cause fires or explosions which would lead to the need for steamer repairs.

Leaving the steamer on after use

Once your employees are done with using the steamer, it is important to remind them to switch it off. Sometimes chefs get too caught up in the rush that they forget to turn off the steamer after use. Failure to do this could result in damage or even worse, a fire explosion. Take it even further and disconnect the steamers from power with the close of business so that in case of any short circuit, you prevent your steamer from blowing up.

Why should you choose Unimaster limited for steamer repairs?

We know our craft

Unimaster limited is a respectable brand that has been in operation for five years. As so, we have accumulated a substantial amount of experience in kitchen appliance repairs and maintenance. We service appliances such as Garland, Cleveland amongst many others. Additionally, we have high quality equipment and spare parts for the purpose of effective repairs.

We are there for you

Every restaurant owner or commercial kitchen establishment appreciates fast, efficient steamer repairs. That is why we have a team of competent specialists who work around the clock to do steamer repairs among other kitchen appliance repairs. We do our best to be quick to respond to our clients needs in order to save them from having to incur losses from having commercial equipment that is damaged.

We come to you

Aside from being available for all our clients, we come right to your doorstep to assist in repairing and maintaining your commercial steamers. We will send our qualified personnel to solve all your kitchen appliance conundrums immediately you make the call.

We give great value for money

For us at Unimaster limited, our goal is to help businesses in the food industry thrive. The best way we know how is to keep commercial kitchen appliances in good shape by offering our repair and maintenance services at affordable prices. We go above and beyond service kitchen appliances in commercial kitchens and even offer a service warranty if the same problem recurs again.

Thus we are confident that Unimaster limited is your go to for steamer repairs and maintenance.

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