One of the most unnerving chores around the home is washing dishes and thanks to advancement in technology; you can get yourself a dishwasher at affordable prices. They were once used for commercial purposes, and now, you can rest easy after dinner, knowing that you do not have to wash the dirty dishes. However, there is a rise in the number of people complaining that their dishwasher is malfunctioning and the dealers they bought the dishwasher from as well as many dishwasher repair services companies frustrate them.

At Unimaster Limited, we have carved out a niche in Vancouver as well as the larger British Colombia region for having excellent household items repair, including dishwasher repair services. The internet; one of the most crucial technologies today, has brought our services closer to you and to get to our website, simply search for dishwasher repair Vancouver. Through our years in the provision of dishwasher repair services, we have identified some of the recurring dishwasher problems.

Dishwasher Fails To Clean Well

A dishwasher that fails to clean your dishes thoroughly is not a reliable one, and it can lead to glim and dirt build up on your dishes. This problem rears its ugly head whenever the strain screen clogs up with grease, oil, and other food sediments. The sprayer arms, as well as the gasket door, become clogged up. This problem gets worse with time, and if it goes unchecked, your dishwasher could fail and stop working altogether.

Irritating Noises from the Dishwasher

Except for a few noises that the dishwasher makes when you switch it on, and a low hum as it cleans your dishes, it ought to be silent through the entire wash and rinse cycle. However, if you note that it is making a racketing noise, it is time to call Unimaster for professional dishwasher repair services. The noise could be due to causes such as a worn out wash arm seal, or a defective pump. It could also be that the spray arms in the dishwasher are not turning out of sync with the other parts resulting in the arms hitting the dishes or the racks. Our personnel will be on hand to repair this problem within the hour after you contact us.

Dishes Come Out Spotty and Cloudy

We have identified this recurring problem in our routine dishwasher repair jobs. You can also see that after the rinse cycle, your glassware is cloudy or white. This is a result of hard water build up, and it does not mean that you have to call a plumber to fix your water. We have a range of services executed by professional and reliable personnel to ensure you properly cleaned dishes.


The Dishwasher Will Not Drain

If your dishwasher will not drain the water, then it means that you will not have access to your dishes, and in the worst case scenario, cause the flooding of your kitchen. This is due to a mismatch in the assembly of the dishwasher’s drain sump. It could also be as a result of a failing drain pump, as well as obstructions in the drain’s solenoid as well as the flapper. Contact us as soon as you start seeing this problem, and you will be glad that Unimaster Limited was at your disposal to prevent a disaster from happening.

A Leaking Dishwasher

We rank this as one of the most severe dishwasher problems; this is not to mean that we belittle other problems. We have encountered cases where a leaking dishwasher wreaked havoc in homes; leave alone the kitchen. It is due to a malfunctioned pump or the seal on the pump. There are instances where we have located the cause of the problem to be a worn door gasket. Our team takes a microscopic look at the problems, troubleshoots every cause of the leak, to make the appropriate repairs.

Foul Smells from the Dishwasher

Without a scheduled maintenance program, you will start to notice a foul smell in your kitchen from your dishwasher. The smell hangs on the dishes, and it can be daunting to use the dishes. This problem arises from food, and grease trapped in the strainer screen and the jets in the sprayer arms, as well as the bottom edge of the door. We ensure to draw up a maintenance schedule to ensure your dishwasher stays efficient for longer.

You experience some or all of these problems. Here are 2 reasons why you should contact us for dishwasher repair in Vancouver.

repaired dishwasher

Professional and Experienced Personnel

Dishwashers do not come cheap, and it is crucial that you hire only the best professionals in the dishwasher repair business. Our team consists of award winning professionals who have years of experience in dishwasher repair, and they take the job at hand seriously. You will not have to worry about missing items from your home.

We Come To You

One of the biggest reasons why you should hire is that we come to your location, instead of you bringing your dishwasher to us. We have a mobile dishwasher repair crews on call 24/7 to attend to your dishwasher emergency. When you contact us through our call center, email, website, or social media, one of our mobile crews we dispatch to your location within the hour or at a time of your convenience.

You will hardly find a dishwasher repair services company in Vancouver as good as Unimaster Limited. Contact us right away by searching for dishwasher repair near me on the internet.

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