For as long as human beings have been around, it is common to dry clothes on a clothesline during the warm days. However, clothes dryers are gaining in popularity and statistics show that Vancouver, British Colombia is one of the regions with the highest increases in the number of households with a dryer. It is not only convenient; it ensures that even on a rainy day, you can still get dry clothes. When it breaks down, it can be a stressful moment, and you need to get professionals who can repair your dryer fast, and easily.

At Unimaster Limited, we are a world-renowned dryer repair services company. We have experience in the repair of some of the world’s top dryer brands including, Admiral, Bosch, Norge, KitchenAid, Hotpoint, LG, Samsung, Amana, GE, Electrolux, Maytag, Whirlpool, Inglis, Kenmore, Gibson, et al.

Our analysis over the years has shown that the following are the most common dryer problems.

Dryer Compartment When The Dryer Does Nothing

When you switch on the dryer, and it does nothing, this could be a major issue with your dryer. It could be because of some reasons. It could be a faulty power outlet, thermal fuse, start switch, door switch, or a burnt out connection. We have encountered such cases, and sometimes it goes deeper than what you can access at home. The electric wiring can be hazardous, and it is best to contact us to do the repairs.

No Heat in the Dryer

The convenience of the dryer makes many people throw their wet clothes in expecting to find them dry. However, they get a rude shock when they get that there is no heat in the dryer. It is crucial that you allow proper ventilation to encourage airflow, which is essential for the proper working of the dryer. However, it can be as a result of improper settings. This is one of the most prevalent problems and our mobile emergency repair services. It is best to do a visual check of your dryer before calling our call center, and this will allow our technicians to troubleshoot the heat problem as soon as they get to your location.

Dryer Drum Will Not Tumble

One of the crucial parts of a dryer is the drum that tumbles ensuring even heat distribution to dry your clothes. When it fails to tumble, it could lead to high utility bills and wet or damp clothes. The drum fails to tumble because of a broken belt that turns the drum, or it could be slipping. The dryer’s motor can also be stuck, or its parts are worn out. The idler pulley is another cause of the dryer from tumbling, and if it goes unchecked, it can cause the breaking of the belt.

Worn out rollers and glides also predispose the belt to unusual stress which then makes it harder to turn the drum. This can lead to the belt breaking at the most unexpected time. All this while, you will hear the idler pulley and the motor turning without the drum turning. Make a point to call us to fix the problem and ensure the dryer is efficient for longer.

Noisy DryerDomestic washing machine

Except for a few humming noises when the motor is turning, the dryer can get noisy, and this should be a cause for worry. There are many moving parts in the dryer, and when either or all of those parts are worn, the friction will lead to irritating noises coming from your dryer. The blower wheel is one of the causes of a noisy dryer because it is always moving and lint keeps on the passing by it, and when clogged, it will call for a professional to maintain and repair it. Drums in the modern dryers use a center spindle for support. When the bearings get worn out, you will hear irritating noises, and the friction reduces the efficiency of your dryer.

Let us now look at why you should consider our dryer repair services at Unimaster Limited.

Wide Range of Emergency Services

Dryers can break down at the worst time, such as in the middle of a drying cycle, leading to a disruption of your schedule. Most of the services we render to residents of Vancouver and its environs are an emergency in nature. Contact us via email, social media, or email for comprehensive emergency dryer repair services at some of the competitive prices in the whole of British Colombia.

Affordable Competitive Pricing

There is a growing number of dryers thrown out because of the prices our competition quote for the repair of dryers. We have been in the business of fixing dryers for a long time, and we have carved a niche as a reliable dryer repair companies in the region. Depending on the parts required to fix your dryer, we have some of the most affordable and competitive prices around for a wide range of repairs.

Wide Range of Dryer Repair Services

As seen above, many issues arise with a dryer, and we pride ourselves in having personnel who provide professional dryer repair services. It is important that you contact us for professional repair services irrespective of the dryer problem on your hands. We have the resources to troubleshoot and repair a broad range of dryer problems. Once repaired, our personnel will carry out various tests to ensure that the problem is resolved entirely. We will also perform maintenance of other dryer parts to avoid it from breaking down shortly.

In conclusion, Unimaster Inc ranks as one of the best household repair services in Vancouver. Search for dryer repair near me on your favorite search engine, and you will get our contact information. Contact us as soon as possible, and your dryer problem will be as good as gone.

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