If you have a malfunctioning oven on your hands, it is crucial that you get it fixed as soon as possible. While many people turn to the internet for DIY solutions, they should be taken with a pinch of salt. It involves a lot of guesswork, and many of the sites giving the solutions are just armatures looking to get more site visits. It is importunate that you get a proper company or technician versed with the repair of all types of ovens including electric, gas as well as dual fuel ovens.

At Unimaster Limited, we are a renowned company at offering repairs and solutions to households as well as commercial enterprises. We have been in the business of offering oven repair services for a little over five years and during this period; our professionalism in the delivery of our services has seen us serve over a thousand clients. We have also encountered a myriad of oven problems and below are the prevalent problems we offer solutions.

Electrical Oven Will Not Heat

This is one of the most common predicaments facing electrical ovens. Usually, when you turn on the oven, the heating elements will start to glow red-hot shortly. When your oven’s digital display is working correctly, but the oven will not heat up, then you have a quagmire on your hands. This is mainly due to a faulty wiring in the oven, busted circuit breaker, or a blown fuse. This might sound straight forward, but one wrong move while trying to repair it yourself could lead to a disaster. Take the time and contact us and describe the nature of your oven’s problem to our customer care and you will get assisted right away.

Gas Oven Will Not Light or Heat

Just as in the electric oven, you can find that your gas-fueled oven is not lighting nor heating. This is mainly an ignition system fault. When the ignition system is working optimally, you will hear the igniter click a few times, before you see the flames. A malfunctioned ignition system will give off the clicking sounds, then stop, without any visible flame. It is not advisable to troubleshoot the oven on your own. Turn off the gas release knob to avoid gas leaks, and contact Unimaster Limited as soon as possible.

Uneven Heating

After using your electric oven for a while, one of the problems that arise in your electric oven is that it might start to produce heat unevenly. This problem suggests a burnt out heating elements. In our rounds, we have deduced that the uneven heating could be due to a burnt out element at the top or the bottom. To give our customer care representatives an easier time in diagnosing the problem, observe the heating elements when the oven is powered all the way up. Also, test for consistent temperature using a thermometer to avoid half-baked food. This is a job we can tackle by ensuring that we get top of the range replacement elements that will serve you for a long time.

Self-Cleaning Setting Fails to Heat

There are different processes used for heating and preparing your food in an oven. However, modern ovens have a self-cleaning setting that depends on heat to be effective. In our experience, it is possible that your oven will do all the heating and baking functions, but the self-cleaning feature to fail. It is an issue with the oven’s thermostat, and it is best to call upon Unimaster Limited professionals to fix it.

Oven Door Not Closing

Have you come across the door latch error message on your digital display? Then this is one of the common problems leading to the failure of your oven’s door from closing. However, it is not the door with the problem; it is most likely a malfunctioned sensor or the door hinges. Our professionals can deal with by safely troubleshooting the sensor as well as correcting the alignment of the door hinges this problem.

These are just among the most common oven repairs we undertake on a daily basis. Let us now look at the reasons why Vancouver residents keep our customer care representatives busy 24/7.

We Offer Emergency Oven Repair Services

Your oven can fail at the worst time, and this can stall your plans. We have maintained our position as the best oven repair company in Vancouver mainly because of our provision of emergency services. We have a dedicated call center with representatives working in shifts to ensure that your problem is resolved.

We also have mobile crew of professional oven repair technicians that our customer care representatives dispatch to your location within the hour.

We Have the Most Competitive Prices

We have seen a surge in the number of individuals shy away from hiring a professional oven repair company to fix their oven problems, and it ends up in disaster. This is due to the exorbitant fees charged by our competition. We have the most competitive and affordable rates in the Vancouver market without compromising on quality. Our customer retention percentage stands at an impressive 95%. We ensure to give you a quotation well in advance of the day you need the repairs done or discounts on the quotation for emergency services.

We Offer Holistic Solutions

It is not proper that you should spend your hard-earned money doing repairs on a recurring problem. We aim at being professional in the rendering of our services to ensure that the problem does not arise shortly. This is possible by the use of the latest tools and equipment as well as reputable spare parts. This allows you better efficiency, and we have gained life-long clients and friends based on our holistic solutions.

We are the go-to oven repair company in Vancouver and the larger British Colombia region. Contact us via social media, email, or our call center for the professional oven repair services.

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