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Unmatched Range Installation Solutions in Vancouver


A range is one of the best appliances you can have in your kitchen. It combines an oven and a cooktop, and it takes the space of one of the appliance. This leaves more room for you to keep your kitchen neat and organized. Thanks to advancing technology in the industry, there is a growing supply of modern and efficient ranges. They maximize the energy and keep your utility bills down. When you get the range delivered, it is in your best interest that you get a professional household appliances installer. Range installation is not as straightforward as many people would like to believe. It needs experienced professionals who know what to do as well as what to look for before the installation as well as help you create a maintenance schedule.

Installed gas range

It is sad and frustrating to find that your range is not working as expected. At Unimaster Limited, we take pride in having some of the most skilled and experienced technicians. We provide households as well as commercial kitchens with various range installation solutions in Vancouver, British Colombia. We have remained ahead of our competition by being a customer centric company. Take the guesswork out of replacing a gas range by getting in touch with us. Our goal is to leave you satisfied with the working of your new range.

Tech-savvy Technicians

Advanced technology in the home appliances sector has made some technicians redundant. For this, we have a team in place that monitors the new features as well as how to troubleshoot modern ranges. We have made partnerships with some of the top range brands in the world to train our technicians. This allows us to offer holistic range installation services.

Replacing a Gas Range

In the years we have been in operation, we have continued to help remove old ranges and replacing them with the latest, more efficient ranges in the market. Our technicians have the necessary tools to unhook and install various brands of ranges. We have the necessary licenses to carry out gas works in homes as well as commercial kitchens.

Gas Range Installation

The installation of a gas range is one of the most dangerous jobs, in the hands of a novice. Ensure that you hire an experienced and licensed gas technician and for Unimaster limited, you do not have to worry about gas hazards. Our gas range installation technicians have over five years, and they are some of the best in Vancouver.

Electric and Dual-fuel Range Installation

Electrical wiring, when done by an unlicensed individual, could cost you more than just the price they are asking to install the range. Electrical faults could cause fires leading to hefty repair costs. We also have licensed and registered electrical technicians. You can rest easy and use your range without the worry of a fire or electrocution. Depending on the type of range you have, we have grouped our technicians with diverse skills and certifications to ride together, ensuring that you get fast and quality service.

Range Hood Installation

A hood is one of the accessories you should install after we have successfully installed a range in your kitchen. This device has a mechanical fan, and it hangs above the cooktop part of the range. It is purposely for removing fumes, smoke, heat, steam, airborne grease, combustion products, and odors during the cooking process. We have professional technicians who walk you the process of the installation for example, how high above the cooktop, should the hood be.

Emergency Range Installation Service

The excitement of having purchased a new range is only matched by using it. Before the range is delivered, contact Unimaster Limited, and we will work with your schedule and install the range when it is convenient for you. We have mobile range technicians stationed throughout Vancouver, and our customer care representatives dispatch them to your location. In 30 minutes, we can be at your doorstep, ready to install the range.

Modern gas range

Our mobile crews work in shifts, and this ensures that each technician gives service of the highest quality.

Affordable and Transparent Installation Services

One of the reasons people end up with a poorly installed range is due to the exorbitant charges asked for by appliance companies. Since we entered the business, we have strived to maintain affordability by having competitive prices that match the quality of service we offer. We can send you a quote well in advance to the installation, or you can generate an instant quote from our website. We also give discounts, and in case the range fails due to an installation error; we guarantee you a full refund. This level of professionalism has won us the title of the best range installation company in Vancouver.

We Also Offer Maintenance and Repair Services

It is not enough to install a range and expect it to work smoothly forever. Manufacturers recommend that you undertake maintenance service on the range. This included cleaning, checking for loose electrical connections, gas leaks, replacing seals, thermostats, among others, will ensure that you use the range for a long time to come. We also offer repair services for a wide variety of range problems.

Whether you have recently moved to Vancouver, just bought your first range or you want to replace your old range with a new one, you can count on us to make it happen. For your convenience, we are available 24/7.