Gas Ranges Repair and Installation (Residential and Commercial)

There is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between cooktops, stoves, and ranges. Many people confuse them because they do not know any better. With the evolution of home and commercial cooking, the names we give to the appliances we use for cooking have also changed with the diversification in the cooking appliances market. However, the appliances have their distinct differences and names. A range is an oven with an attached cooktop, and it is the most common cooking appliance in millions of households in the world. There are different types of ranges depending on the type of fuel they will use. This includes electric ranges, gas ranges, as well as dual fuel ranges that employ both electricity and gas as fuel.

Unimaster Limited is the go to range repair company in Vancouver as well as the larger British Colombia region. Our responsive website makes it easy to troubleshoot your problem, after which a customer care representative get in touch with you to schedule your range repair. We have been operational for more than five years, and we have identified the following common range problems.

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A Red Glow In Your Oven Though It Is Not Heating

This puzzling problem crops up in gas ranges that have a glow-bar ignition system. This is a safety feature in gas-fueled ranges that block the passage of gas if it does not ignite. The glow-bar in the oven will glow but still be cold. This due to an old and worn glow-bar that cannot get hot enough to open the gas safety valve.

A Noisy Flame on the Surface Burners

This problem does not affect old ranges, but new ones as well. This is an indication that there is either too much gas or air getting into the burner assembly. For this problem, leave it to the Unimaster Limited gas range repair professionals to determine how much gas and air ought to enter the burner assembly.

Incorrect Oven Temperature

A thermostat in the range controls the temperature in the oven part of the range. The thermostat has a capillary and a liquid-filled bulb. When the liquid in the bulb gets heated, it expands, putting pressure on a diaphragm that controls a switch to regulate the amount of gas into the oven’s burner. With continued usage, the thermostat is sure to lose the set calibration, or the bulb comes loose. This will translate in the thermostat giving wrong temperature readings. Contact our gas range repair professionals to fix the thermostat least you get burnt food in the oven.

Electric Ranges

Oven Too Hot on the Outside

The oven part of the range can sometimes get too hot on the outside. This happens especially when the seal on the door is broken. Heat escapes through the door causing the exterior of the oven to overheat. For instance, during the self-cleaning process, the temperatures can range between 750 degrees Fahrenheit and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of the modern ovens have door locks that prevent you from opening the door at this time. If the lock is malfunctioning, you can get severe burns. Contact Unimaster Limited electrical range repair technicians to repair the door lock and replace the seal with a high-quality seal.

The Surface Burners Do Not Heat Up

This is one of the common range problems, and it can cause a great inconvenience, especially when you are doing the heavy cooking. The burnt out burners manifest have bubbles or breaks on the surface of the element. It can also be due to corroded wires and loose connections. Contact a professional electric range repair technicians to fix the wiring and replace the burnt elements.

Dual fuel ranges can face both the problems of the electric and gas ranges since they use both fuels. We have accumulated years of experience and advanced our technical skills to provide solutions to the various range problems. Here are reasons why Unimaster Limited is the preferred range repair company in Vancouver.

We Provide a Broad Range of Range Repair Solutions

From above, there are many types of ranges. We ensure to train our range repair technicians periodically to make sure that we offer a broad range of solutions. We are careful to ensure that the training does not interfere with the provision of our services. Our technicians work in shifts to cater for service delivery and advancement in skills.

We Value Transparency

We are a customer centric company, and we value every client that contacts us. From the minute you tell us the problem with your range, we work with you up to the time your range is functioning properly again. After the technicians repair your range, we have a policy that they must test it.

We Are A Manufacturer Designated Company

One of the fears that many range owners grapple with is the loss of their warranty on the appliance. Unimaster Limited is one of the few manufacturer-designated companies in British Colombia. This means that we can fix your appliance without your warranty becoming obsolete. We have gone into partnerships with the popular brands in the industry.

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Quick Response Times

Range problems arise at the worst times, and it is the best to contact us at any time of the day. We will get to your location in 30 minutes after you contact us.

Unimaster Inc has continued to upgrade our range repair tools and equipment to ensure we provide high-quality services. Contact us via our call centers, social media pages, as well as via email.

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