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Unimaster Inc has more than enough experience in the home heating industry services, which allow them to help customers find the perfect and most cost-saving hot water tanks for their homes or commercial buildings. The use of warm water is common in almost all homes in British Columbia. This raises the need to use the best techniques available to have warm water in the most convenient and economical way

Whether you are looking for new hot water tank installation, repair services, or even just general information. We will be more than happy to help!



Boilers are still very popular in BC, and around the world and, most of them are now operated on gasoline.

Over time, age, leaks and build-up that restricts water flow can cause problems with your boiler. Unimaster Inc is here to help with a fast and reliable service.

Some of the general issues:



Whether you need a routine furnace inspection, repair service, furnace installation, or furnace service, our skilled, reliable and efficient team of technicians will help you fix your furnace.

Various indicators show that there is a gloomy outlook on the future of the current volatile economy. It is not wise to spend money repairing a single item that keeps on breaking down. Our technicians have the best skills homed in continuous training from some of the top manufacturers as well as years of experience to repair your Furnace and, ensuring the highest quality in standards.

Some of the general parts that we replace:


Our licensed gas technicians deliver skilled gas repair and installation services to home owners as well as commercial businesses, food service and contractors. Looking for a reliable and safe gas technician to work on your gas appliance or extend a gas line to your BBQ? call Unimaster we are affordable and have the experience to get your gas project done right including emergency calls.

Search for plumbing and gas services near me and choose Unimaster Inc to chat with our customer care representative. You can also get in touch with us via our social media pages, email, or call center.

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