If you are planning to replace the existing cooktop with a modern one, you need to hire a professional cooktop installation company to fix it properly in your kitchen. Here at Unimaster limited, we are best known for providing top notch appliance installation, repair and maintenance services.

Cooktops are at the top of appliances that we install in both residential and commercial premises such as restaurants, hotels, and holiday camping facilities. We take pride in being the only internationally accredited and locally approved appliance service provider in Vancouver British Columbia.

Needless to say, cooktop installation process needs to be precisely done as simple flows that such as wrong connection of the gas pipes can result in fires. The clean reputation that we have upheld over the last few years is enough proof that we are the best in the business.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about out stove installation services.


We Use High Quality Materials

As with any other appliance installation in your home or business premises, it is of paramount importance to insist on use of high quality materials. Unimaster is different and is trusted by thousands of clients because we use only the best materials in the market. For example, we source for cooktop gas connection wires and pipes from leading manufacturing companies that have a clean reputation in the market. These materials are passed through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that they meet international standards before they are shipped to us.


Extensively Trained Stove Installation Experts

As mentioned earlier, simple flaws during the stove hook up or installation process can have serious consequences. By hiring Unimaster Limited, you can cook in your kitchen confidently knowing that your cooktop was installed properly. We continuously train our stove installation experts to ensure that stay abreast of the conventional and new cooktop installation procedures. There is absolutely no cooktop installation project that we cannot succesfully complete.


Licensed Stove Hook up Experts

We are keen on making sure that the quality of our stove installation services is consistent and in line with the promises that we make to our clients. To achieve this aim, we only hire licensed stove hook up and cooktop installation technicians who have all the necessary academic documents. We also go an extra mile to vet their interpersonal skills to be sure that they have what it takes to serve our customers. This protocol has over the years helped to establish good relationships with our customers and provide nothing but the best services to our customers.


Emergency Cooktop Installation and Maintenance

Sometimes, you might want the current cooktop replaced with a new one within a short notice. Without the contacts of a reliable company that can come to your location and get the job done, you will be lost or be forced to find an alternative such as hiring a catering company.

No need to worry or spend sleepless nights though, we offer not only emergency cooktop installation services but also maintenance packages that are competitively priced to suit your budget. All you need to do is send us an email or call our support team and provide details of your location and the service that you want. We will then brief our technicians and send them to your premises to install or maintain the cooktop on the spot. Easy right!


Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

In our line of duty, we have realized that there are so many things that can go wrong whether during the installation or maintenance of an appliance. As a result, we have a comprehensive insurance cover that cushions not only our personnel but also our clients from any eventuality. If any of your items is damaged during the installation process, the insurance company will compensate you fully.

However, it is important to note that we maintain a high degree of care and meticulously carry out the tasks at hand so the risks of your appliance or anything else in your kitchen getting damaged is miniature.


Competitively Priced Cooktop Installation Service Packages

Before we discuss the pricing of our service packages, it is important to point out that we can install and maintain virtually any cooktop in the market regardless of the brand. Our technicians are trained by the best professionals in the industry and will use all their skills and resources to make sure that the installation process is a success. Every project is assigned a supervisor who oversees the entire project from the start to the end to make sure that it abides to our standards as well as the industry standards and the expectations of the client. You also do not have to be home for us to install the cooktop, we can work independently and when you come home after work or your daily errands the cooktop will be ready for use.

Secondly, we know that most “professional” appliance installation services are highly priced and this makes the services unavailable to most people. We are keen on changing this by offering affordable stove installation services to all our customers. We will send you a comprehensive quote that you can use to know the exact amount of money that you pay after the service.


Get professional cooktop installation services today by calling our customer care team. We are pleased to be at your service.

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