A cook top is one of the most reliable and convenient household appliances in your kitchen. It is also one of the most intricate appliances to fix it yourself once it breaks down. However, you can take out the guesswork out of hiring a cooktop repairperson by using our internationally acclaimed cooktop repair services. Our personnel at Unimaster Inc are one of the most experienced in the world, trained in the maintenance and repair of the top brands in the world.

We have years of experience in the cooktop repair business, and we are the company that residents of Vancouver and the surround areas and its environs. Call for professional stove repair service including repairs and maintenance.

Over the years, our analysis has revealed the following common problems with cooktops.

Heat Regulation

One of the most common problems that arise with a cooktop is in heat regulation. This mainly applies if you use an electric cooktop. This is due to a malfunctioning switch leaving you unable to regulate the element, which in turn controls the amount of heat on the cooktop. When you encounter this problem, switch off the cooktop’s circuit breaker, and contact our customer care representatives for a fast and reliable cooktop repair services.

This could also be a problem with your cooktop’s infinite switch. This is the switch responsible for controlling the flow of the electricity to the coils. This may call for the replacement of the infinite switch. This is not an easy task, and it requires an experienced technician to look into the problem, to install the correct and reliable switch.

Cracked Cooktop Cover

Modern cooktops come with a glass or porcelain top, and this makes it susceptible to cracking. This is due to frequent heating and cooling. When using the cooktop, you can accidentally pour cold water on the top when hot. Dropping heaver items on the cover can also lead to the cracking of the top. In the case of a cracked cooktop cover, unplug the cooktop, and call our customer care center.

Igniters Making a Nonstop Clicking Noise

In gas heated cooktops, one of the main reasons for this continuous clicking noise is due to moisture logged in the igniter. This arises due to the accidental spilling of liquids such as water, stews on soups, which increase the chances of moisture retention in the igniter. This causes the short-circuiting of the ignition system. Grease and oils spilled on the ignition system can also contribute to the continuous clicking noise from the ignitor.

Flames Go Off After Leasing Knob

Another common problem affecting gas cooktops is the flame going off immediately after releasing the knobs when turning it on. This forces you to hold down the knob a little bit longer until you get a consistent flame going. This is due to dirt build up on the flame thermostat sensor. In other times, the thermostat may be faulty and will need the services of a professional cooktop repair crew to replace it.

Stove Ignition Switch

Damaged Coils Stove Repair

When an electric cooktop is used for a long time especially for heavy cooking, the coils may become damaged. A damaged coil has cracks, blisters, and or bubbles. In addition, the coil will not heat up even after turning on the cooktop. The replacing of the coil requires experienced technicians who know their way around the electrical wiring.

Loose Coils

This is another of the electrical cooktop problems. Your cooktop’s coils come loose when you use large pots and saucepan that are too big for your coils for heavy cooking. Our research also shows that the stirring the contents of your pot can lead to the problem of your coils coming loose. This eventually leads to your coils failing to heat. You will require a professional company offering stove repair service.

Uneven Heating

Every once in a while, we get calls related to cooktops failing to heat food evenly. This occurs when ceramic pans leave marks on the cooktop. This leads to the stains blocking the heat to the pan. This can be a problem in the instance that you are doing heavy cooking. It is best to call on Unimaster Limited to the cooktop working perfectly.

Electric stove

In this light, at Unimaster Limited, we are one of the best companies to offer cooktop and stove repair service. Let us look at why we have a loyal customer base for our stove repair service.


When you buy a cooktop from a dealer or the manufacturer, you will get a warrant. We have entered into agreements with some of the world’s most popular cooktop manufacturers. In this light, your warranty is still valid even after we have done repairs.

Cooktop Repair Services at a Competitive Price

We believe in transparency, and we calculate the cost of the stove repair service using the cost of the replacement parts and the quality of work done. We are a professional company, and our personnel works efficiently to get the job done in the shortest time possible.


Unimaster Inc is the darling to many households in Vancouver and the surround areas and its environs. Call us today or contact us via email, website, or social media pages and make use of our emergency stove repair service.

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