In the modern age, an oven is one of the few luxuries you ought to allow yourself. There are literary hundreds of oven models in the market, and it is necessary to research on the durability, efficiency, as well as their warranty period. At Unimaster Limited, we are renowned throughout the Vancouver area, for the residential as well as the commercial installation of ovens in restaurants, offices, campsites, as well as hotels.

We deal with the installation of some of the top brand ovens including Bosch, LG, Westinghouse, Kleenmaid, Blanco, Simpson, Chef, Electrolux, Smeg, Whirlpool, as well as Omega. We have been in the oven installation business for years, and we have grown our portfolio to over a thousand installations in Vancouver alone. According to surveys, we are among the A-list oven installers and repairs, and we take pride in the satisfaction of our clients.

Let us look at some of the crucial details necessary for the successful installation of your oven, as well as the reasons why Unimaster Limited should be your preferred company to install your oven.

What to Check Before We Arrive

Power Outlet

Electrical ovens are some of the most popular the world over; however, dual fuel ovens are gaining in popularity. You will need to check that there are suitable power outlets at least 1.5 meters from the location of the installation. It is necessary that you have the right type of outlet, for example, a freestanding electric oven with a cooktop, you will need to have a 32-amp outlet since they consume at least 3KW. For single electric ovens, a 13-amp outlet will be sufficient since they consume less than 2.99 KW.

Clear Access to the installation Location

For a fast and swift installation, it is best to create an unobstructed access to the site of the installation of your oven. Take the measurements of the oven, and this will guide you on how much navigation room the installers might require. If there are stairs involved, our oven installers will require that there be enough space to maneuver.

Ensure that there is adequate headroom on the location you want to install the oven, that is, there should be no power outlet points, sensors, boilers, wallpapers, shelves, curtains, and any other flammable materials. It is also importunate that you inform us if there is an existing gas fueled oven you need to remove, as this will require a Gas Safe Registered technician.oven installations

Disconnecting gas lines as well as electrical wiring can be a dangerous job, and it is necessary that you get only the most qualified and licensed professionals. The installation if not duly done and accurately, it can be deadly. Here are reasons why you should hire Unimaster Limited the market leader in the oven installation business.

Holistic Oven Installation Services

Ovens are increasingly becoming more effective, and it makes better sense to replace the older model in your home mainly for efficiency as well as to reduce your utility bills. We offer holistic solutions, including, the delivery of your new oven from the dealership, removal, and disposal of the old oven as well as the proper installation of your modern oven. We ensure to test the newly installed oven to check that it is functioning properly. We have the resources, as well as advanced tools and equipment to run the diagnostic tests and make any adjustments and repairs right away.

We are Reliable and Professional

Professionalism is one of the virtues that have propelled us to be one of the few oven installers in Vancouver and our quality control measures ensure that our personnel offers the highest service, governed by diligence and transparency. Our customer care representative takes you through the pre-installation preparations and prepares you for the installation process. You also get a quote that takes into account the type of installation you require.


Registered, Licensed, and Insured Personnel

The installation of gas, electric, or a dual fuel oven is a dangerous job, and it requires specially trained technicians, with experience. Not only is Unimaster Limited registered, licensed, and holds the necessary insurance; our team is extensively skilled on the oven installation guidelines that go beyond the industry standards. We ensure that each of our technicians is qualified to handle gas lines and electrical wiring safely. We have an extensive insurance coverage not only for the good of our technicians and business but your protection as well.

You Do Not Have to Break Bank to Install an Oven

We have dealt with cases of emergency oven repairs, just because they could not afford the price of oven installers, and so doing it themselves. We have competitive prices for our oven installation services, and so you do not have to take the risk of installing the oven on your own, which can lead to accidents during the process or in the future. We offer quotations that are competitive in the market to suit your expectations as well as your set budget. Our customer care representatives will furnish you with a quotation well in advance to allow you to plan for the installation.

We offer Emergency Oven Installation Services

At Unimaster Limited, we cater to a broad range of clientele; we understand that with busy schedules, booking for an installation can slip your mind. We are one of the few emergency oven installers in Vancouver. Simply contact our customer care representatives, and we will dispatch one of our mobile crews to your location within the hour. With your consent, we also use your GPS location from your mobile cellular provider to locate you easily, if you are unsure of your particular location.

Call us today for professional oven installation services.

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