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Thinking of repairing or replacing your commercial freezer? What you need to know!

Unimaster commercial and residential appliance repair services in BC, reliable and affordable 604-472-9382.

A walk-in cooler is the heart of your commercial kitchen. Your inventory and stock are dependant on it, as it keeps your daily operations successfully running. Our commercial freezer repair in BC can keep your freezer running smoothly, while you’re busy growing your food business. 

Run Your Successful Food Business Without Gas Leaks and Electrical Shocks | 24hr Turnaround Service

Whether you own a restaurant or a large food space, working appliances are imperative to helping you run a successful business. Our team is composed of certified gas service technicians that offer budget-friendly costs and expert appliance repair services. At Unimaster, our technicians have experience working with a wide range of appliances in the Metro Vancouver area including Langley, West and North Vancouver, Maple Ridge and Surrey. Commerical and residential appliance repair services in BC.

Affordable Commercial Slicer Repairs and Maintenance Services

In a high output kitchen establishment, commercial slicers are used more than any other kitchen appliance. For this reason, it is important to have the commercial slicers in your kitchen in tip top condition always. Commercial slicers are used to slice different foods such as meats, cheese, vegetables that need precise cuts and dough. There are also different types of slicers for example heavy duty slicers that are most likely used to cut meats with bones in them. 

Fast Commercial Juicer Repairs and Services

Most entrepreneurs think that a blender can suffice, but once your juicers catch one, you will need multiple commercial juicers. There are various types of juicers in the market from different manufacturers, and you ought to determine the needs of your establishment to know which will give you the best service. Like all appliances, you will experience problems with your juicer, and you need a reliable commercial appliance services company.

Commercial Immersion Blender Repairs and Services

In commercial kitchens, Immersion blenders are a huge help. They are used to puree soups and emulsify sauces, thus saving manpower and energy. Before the invention of this helpful kitchen tool, if you wanted to puree something you would have to pulse it through a sieve. The nature of commercial kitchens requires speed. This kitchen appliance fits perfectly into the agenda of large scale kitchens that rely on large scale output to keep their businesses aloof.

Commercial Food Processor Repairs and Services

Most people do not know the difference between food processors and blenders and many entrepreneurs buy the wrong appliance for their establishments in the food industry. A commercial food processor chops, slices, liquefies, and dices food and ingredients as well as the capability of mixing the dough. Apart from cleaning after use, food processors are low maintenance appliances. However, with continued use, you will need to enlist the help of a professional food processor repairs company.

Commercial Coffee Machine Repairs and Services

The profound love for coffee makes the coffee business very lucrative. Commercial coffee machines are a common sight in kitchens, restaurants, catering companies, and most office spaces also have them installed for their employees.

Having the right commercial coffee machine for your business can be a big boost. They are built to produce the best coffee blends and mix the adequate amounts of coffee, water, and milk at the perfect temperature for the perfect brew.

Commercial Blender Repairs and Services

There is a myriad of commercial blenders for your kitchen and you ought to choose carefully between the brands that will give you the best bang for your buck. The options in the market today include small handheld immersion blenders, bar blenders, and robust commercial smoothie blenders, you need to do a wide research and make an informed decision when choosing the proper blender for your commercial kitchen in the food industry.


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