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Commercial BBQ Repair, Installation, and Maintenance services

We have been voted the best company serving cafeterias, restaurants, country clubs, food trucks, delis, and other commercial kitchens in Greater Vancouver. 

Commercial BBQ Repairs

Commercial BBQs are built to last, they can withstand extreme temperatures and other factors in a commercial kitchen, and there is a set time that they are set to start experiencing problems. We perform a wide range of commercial BBQ repairs that include:

  • Electrode repair of the sparking unit

  • Burners

  • Gas shut off valve 

  • Grill gates

  • Low heat issues

  • Gas hoses, regulators, and other attachments

  • Searing trays

  • Lava rocks and heat stones

  • Rotary igniter and push-button BBQ modules

These form part of the services we offer, and you can count on Unimaster Limited to provide the best service. We are insured to ensure that you do not incur the losses arising from poor workmanship. We are renowned for repair and maintenance of various brands among them Crown Verity.


Commercial BBQ installation

The installation of commercial BBQs is not easy and straightforward, as many entrepreneurs would like to think. There are many factors to consider such as positioning in your kitchen, the type of fuel to use and the actual installation. We have been in the industry for over five years now, and we have learned how to circumnavigate these factors. We promise a quick and competent installation process.

Our technicians are trained in the art and science of commercial kitchen appliances. They have the necessary certificates to prove that they have the authority to work with gas and electricity. 


Commercial BBQ Planned Maintenance

Unimaster Food Equipment division offers customizable preventative maintenance plans tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. Our trained technicians use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to identify potential problems before they become serious issues, saving you money in the long run. 

Our technicians will do the maintenance, cleaning, and minor repairs before the problem go out of hand

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