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Choose Your Prevenataive Maintenance Plan

  • Basic

    Every month
    • All home appliances initial diagnostic and visual inspection
    • Carbon monoxide level testing (Gas appliances)
    • Functionality inspection (manufacturers' recommendations)
    • Cleaning of main functionality segments
    • Gas leaks inspection
  • Extended

    Every month
    includes all Basic plan features plus:
    • Cleaning of burners and orifices (Gas appliances)
    • Temperature management inspection and calibration
    • Infinite switches and heating elements ampacitity inspection
    • Cleaning condenser coils (Fridge)
    • Cleaning air filters
    • Drain systems inspection
    • Temperature controls calibration
  • Premium

    Every month
    includes all Extended plan features plus:
    • Hot surface igniter replacement (Gas oven)
    • Ignition harness inspection (Gas Cooktop)
    • Oven temperature sensor replacement (Oven)
    • Radiation leaks inspection (Microwave)
    • Air filter replacement (Fridge)
    • Water filter replacement (Fridge)
    • Lint cleaning (Dryer)
    • System deep cleaning by Descaler Pods (Dishwasher)
    • Limescale, Hard Water, Calcium, Odour removal (Dishwasher)
    • Gaskets pressure steam cleaning from fungus and bacteria

up to 1 year warranty on parts and labour

15% off parts on future repairs for 365 days

Preventative maintenance service every 12 months

1 free service call

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