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Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment

Unimaster is Licensed & Bonded Gas Contractor for Food Equipment Services in British Columbia. We specialize in repair, installation, and maintenance of commercial food cleaning and sanitizing equipment such as dishwashers and ware washers.

Our Services Include

Food equipment services. Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Food Equipment Repair

  • Factory Trained & Certified technicians

  • OEM parts

  • 1-visit repair 

  • Equipped mobile response crews

  • Emergency repair services

Food Equipment Instalation

  • Complete Site Inspection

  • Receiving & Installation of Equipment

  • Factory Trained & Certified Installers

Food Equipment Planned Maintenance

  • Maximization of Equipment Uptime

  • Extension of Equipment Life

  • Optimization of Energy Efficiency

  • Food Quality Safety inspection

  • Equipment safety inspection

  • Gas leaks inspection

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