It is critical to ensure that the equipment in your business is in good working condition. One of the ways to ensure that they stay in tiptop condition is to stick to a strict maintenance schedule. However, your commercial appliances tend to break down at the most unfortunate of times, and this can bring your business to a halt causing massive disruptions and inconveniences to your customers. When you need commercial appliance repair, then you should consider a company with a reputation for providing professional services via experienced personnel.


At Unimaster Inc, we have been in the commercial appliance service industry for over five years, and we have provided holistic solutions to business owners. We ensure to update the skills of our service personnel, and we do not use subcontractors to expedite our services. Over the years, we have had repeat customers in Vancouver and its surrounding areas, and this shows that we undertake our work seriously to get your business back on track. Get in touch with us via our Contact page or call us directly whenever you need to have your commercial appliances repaired or serviced.

Unimaster Appliances and Food Equipment Services is a British Columbia Licensed & Bonded Gas Contractor.

Unimaster, is a company in the Metro Vancouver area that repairs,installs & maintains commercial food equipment such as ovens, fryers, toasters, steamers, and all other gas, electric & steam equipment related to the food industry. Unimaster knows that your kitchen must operate smoothly and understands the problems created by faulty equipment. That’s why we have a regular maintenance schedule designed to keep your equipment at peak efficiency.

Our Commercial Appliance repair, installation and maitenance Services:

  •  Reactive Calls, warranty and non-warranty
  •  Installations
  •  Planned Maintenance
  •  Service Agreements
  •  Consultations


When to Contact Unimaster Inc:


Commercial Range and Oven Repairtop commercial appliance services

To run a successful catering and restaurant business where you must cook large amounts of food every day, your commercial range needs routine maintenance. When your range starts malfunctioning, then it is time to contact us for professional commercial appliance repair. Contact us as soon as you notice the following problems with your commercial range or oven:

  • You cannot regulate the temperature in the oven
  • Oven failing to cook food evenly
  • Pilot light turns off in gas-powered ovens
  • Range will not power up
  • Gas leaks and electrical shocks


Commercial Deep Fryer Repair

This is a vital equipment in the restaurant and catering business. When it gets faulty, it could mean a huge loss of revenue. Contact us as soon as minor faults starts happening and avoid a huge repair or replacement bill. Commercial deep fryer problems could arise in any of the following parts:

  • Safety gas valve
  • Hi-limit
  • Thermostatcommercial kitchen appliance repairs
  • Thermopile
  • Circuit breaker

As chefs and restaurant owners, a commercial oven is an integral part of your food service operations that can help deliver hot, fresh food to your customers quickly. Although some ovens are quite durable and need minimal maintenance, others may need more attention paid to them than others. Usually, a gas technician can check to make sure your oven is running in peak form and can spot signs that signal a repair – that’s where we can step in.

At Unimaster, we provide commercial oven repair and service on demand and on time for commercial restaurants. We’re a licensed and insured service that has worked with many amazing clients over the years, cementing long-lasting relationships with them. We’ll be there as fast as you need us and are a reliable resource you can count on. We make sure our clients are well informed about what we’re doing and satisfied with the outcome.

Why You Should Contact Us for Commercial Appliance Repair


Qualified and Experienced Personnel

Our technicians are trained in the best schools in the country, and have years of experience in the commercial appliance service industry. Most entrepreneurs hesitate to make the necessary repair and maintenance since they worry that the manufacturer’s warranty will become void. All our technicians are manufacturer certified to carry out commercial repairs and installations.


We Bring Our Commercial Appliance Repair Service to You

When your commercial appliance fails, it could mean that your business could come to a halt for an unprecedented period. Your first cause of action could be to contact the dealership you bought the appliance or to carry it to the brand repair center. At Unimaster Inc we provide a better solution. When you have a problem on your hands, contact our call center, and a customer service representative will dispatch one of our rapid response commercial appliance service crew closest to your location. At Unimaster, our team of technicians is professionally trained and licensed to handle commercial oven repairs and maintenance. If there’s an issue we see, we let you know about it and weigh your options of repair. We take great pride in our work and will make sure your oven becomes fully operational.


Most Competitive Prices in the Region

As soon as you note that any of your commercial appliances are failing, then the best cause of action will be to contact a commercial appliance repair company. For more than five years, we have continued to provide the best repair services in Vancouver at the most competitive prices. When our technicians arrive at your location, they will provide you with a quote, after troubleshooting the problem. To get a better deal, ensure to contact our customer care representative for details about our service contract, where you can get a discount on your subsequent commercial appliance repair and maintenance.

Take the guesswork out of hiring a commercial appliance repair services company in Vancouver, and contact us for professional commercial appliance service.

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