There is a myriad of commercial blenders for your kitchen and you ought to choose carefully between the brands that will give you the best bang for your buck. The options in the market today include small handheld immersion blenders, bar blenders, and robust commercial smoothie blenders, you need to do a wide research and make an informed decision when choosing the proper blender for your commercial kitchen in the food industry.

Unimaster Limited is the undisputed king in the provision of blender repairs in the Vancouver region. We deal with a variety of brands including Vitamix, Hamilton beach, Blendtec, Breville, and Waring, just to name a few. Our call centers are operational 24/7 with professional customer care representatives on hand to respond to your SOS calls. For all types of blenders in commercial kitchens and beverage establishments, we have identified certain problems recurring over time.

Common Commercial Blenders Problems

Industrial blenders like any other commercial appliance are liable to break down; however, they are built to withstand various food items and jerking. Over the course of five years, we have identified the following problems that arise in commercial blenders.

  • Cracked blender jar and container base
  • Faulty blender blade assembly and drive coupling
  • Malfunctioning blender motor
  • Blender lid will not stay in place
  • Blender will not turn on

At Unimaster Limited we have carved a niche for providing unmatched solutions to the above problems. Our technicians are factory trained, and hundreds of clients trust us to solve the above problems in the first visit. Let us shift gears and look at the services you can expect from a Unimaster Limited technician.

Commercial Blenders Installation

The modern blenders in commercial establishments are efficient meaning they handle a bigger workload and consume less energy. It is necessary to consult a professional service company before dismantling your old blender. However, most entrepreneurs think it is as easy as plugging in and start using. Blenders need careful placement to avoid collisions and time wastage during the service time.

Our technicians have passed all the electrical certifications, and they will undertake proper electrical wiring per the set regulations and building policies to avert any fires arising from an electrical fault. However, using bogus contractors will increase the chances of predisposing your employees and clients to dangers.

Commercial Blenders Repairs

Industrial blenders are built to last, and they can give you service for a long time. However, you must undertake maintenance services to ensure that you get optimal service. Despite this, there comes a time, long after the manufacturer’s warranty is over that the blender starts breaking down. Most entrepreneurs reach out to any company that knocks on their door, but to a detrimental result. You ought to get the services of a professional company with years of experience in providing excellent blenders repairs.

Unimaster Limited is the company at the helm of commercial appliance repair in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. No matter the time of day that your blender breaks down our technicians are on hand to provide unmatched blenders repairs at a time of your convenience.

Carrying out maintenance on your commercial blenders is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the best value from your blenders. Our technicians can help you create a maintenance schedule. However, we recommend that you undertake bimonthly or monthly maintenance services and it is dependent on the frequency of use and the time you have had it in your establishment.

Why You Should Choose Us

We have built a reputation for being the top company in the commercial appliance industry, and thousands of clients rely on us to get their business operations back on track. Here is why you ought to contact us ASAP!

Competent and Experienced Professionals

We recruit only the best in the country to ensure that we provide the most value for the money you pay for our blender services. Unlike other companies who subcontract the job, all our technicians are hired in-house, and we ensure that they undertake rigorous training with blender manufacturers. You can rest assured that the problem will be solved in the first visit with minimal supervision required.

Competitive Prices and Discounts

Most companies charge by the hour, and they work slowly to ensure that you pay huge fees. However, when you contact our call center, a customer care agent will be on hand to provide a solid quote for our varied services. First-time clients get a discount on labor costs and spare parts. We work with small as well as big establishments, and we offer affordable service warranties as an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty.

We Bring Our Services to You

You do not have to haul your blenders to service centers anymore. Unimaster Limited has mobile service crews with the equipment necessary to undertake installations and blenders repairs. We assure you that we will be at your location within 30 minutes to minimize the losses in your downtime.

No matter the brand of commercial blenders, you have in your establishment; you can rest assured that Unimaster Limited is on the job.

Contact us today at our call center and speak to our knowledgeable customer care representatives.

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