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First Class Commercial Fryer Repairs, Installations and Maintenance Services

A deep fryer refers to a kitchen appliance used in heating cooking oil allowing you to submerge the food to be completely in hot oil in a process called deep-frying. Commercial fryers play a major role in most food industries. In any commercial kitchen, whether a restaurant, food truck, catering companies and more, a good fryer is essential for the success of the business. Deep fryers are a requirement in cooking a wide range of foods and not only making French fries, as many people like to believe. Malfunctioning thermostat in electric fryers will result in high power consumption and unnecessary overheating of the cooking oil. 

At Unimaster Limited offers professional fryer repairs and other services such as commercial fryer installations, and maintenance. If the fryer in your commercial kitchen is not properly installed it could lead to huge losses, accidents to the employees, the business or your customers.

Commercial Fryers

Commercial deep fryers varieties are larger than residential fryers and have more features. The standard fryers for commercial kitchens have larger oil chambers that allow room for frying more items at a go. The oil chambers are made of cast iron or stainless steel, but in some cases, you will find manufacturers using metal allows to make them lighter. The fryers have slotted spoons or nested baskets to place or remove the food safely from the oil pots while cooking.

Modern fryers are electrical, or gas powered ranging from countertop fryers to freestanding deep fryers. Large units of commercial deep fryers have one or more removable baskets making them self-contained countertop units.

Commercial Countertop Fryer

These are much smaller allowing their use on a countertop whenever you need to deep fry food items. They have an insulated oil chamber that holds the cooking oil, and this allows them to maintain the oil at the desired temperatures. Some manufacturer’s places lids while others omit them, which allow easy access when preparing a large order. The chamber is removable for easy cleaning and carrying out fryer repairs.

Commercial fryer installation and repairFreestanding Deep Fryers

These have a capacity of over 10 gallons of oil, and they are ideal for commercial kitchens with huge orders, mainly fast food establishments. The frying baskets have insulated handles are designed to avoid the user getting burns while in use.

Thermostats regulate the oil temperatures in electric fryers while gas-powered fryers have knobs to control the gas supply and effectively maintain the desired temperatures.

With this in mind, you will be able to make an informed buying decision. However, you should also keep in mind the number of items on your menu that require deep frying, as well as the space in your kitchen.

Oil Drainage System

This is a key aspect to consider when selecting a commercial fryer for purchase. Models with an oil drainage system ease the removal of the oil through an outlet as opposed to tilting the fryer or using containers to haul out the used oil.

Unimaster Limited Commercial Fryers Installations

By incorporating a commercial fryer in your establishment, you create an opening for endless business opportunities. It allows you to add delicious and popular dishes as well as appetizers to your menu. In fact, you can enhance your deserts by converting them into fried delicacies. If you have intentions to expand or change your menu, you will need to have a suitable commercial fryer.

Unimaster limited has a reputation for offering the best installation, repair, and maintenance services. Regardless of how good your commercial fryer is, if not installed properly will lead to huge losses in the near future; however, we have professionals with experience in commercial fryer installations to avert any disaster that may arise from substandard installation.

Fryer Repairs

Commercial fryers are expensive appliances that may pose a danger to the guests, employees and the establishment if they go without the proper maintenance. Trying to repair the fryer could lead to further damage to the unit, and it is necessary that you contact a professional company to undertake repairs, and Unimaster Limited is your best bet in Vancouver and the surrounding regions.

These are some of the common problems with commercial fryers

  • Failures in the pilot light in gas-powered fryers
  • Malfunctioning thermostats in electric fryers
  • Leaking oil chambers

Unimaster Limited offers expert assistance in commercial fryer repairs and maintenances among other cooking appliances. We bring our services to you no matter the time of day, and this is why we are the go-to company when you need fryer repairs or installations in Vancouver. Also worth noting is that dirty fryers lower the quality of food served and can accelerate the cropping up of problems. Give us a call, and we will have your establishment serving delicious dishes as soon as the customer places an order.

Why Choose Unimaster Limited?

Always ensure to work with industry experts who care and committed to giving holistic services no matter the time of day. At Unimaster limited, we are dedicated to offering you the best service; our reputation is evident in the results we deliver in all our jobs. Our team professionals offer a fast response to commercial fryer installations and fryer repairs.

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