Most entrepreneurs think that a blender can suffice, but once your juicers catch one, you will need multiple commercial juicers. There are various types of juicers in the market from different manufacturers, and you ought to determine the needs of your establishment to know which will give you the best service. Like all appliances, you will experience problems with your juicer, and you need a reliable commercial appliance services company.

At Unimaster Limited, we have built a reputation for having the best service in the industry. We have hundreds of clients who can vouch for our services. We have carved a niche in the provision of commercial appliance repairs and horned our skill in helping small as well as big companies get their business back on track after the breakdown of their juicers.

Commercial Juicers Installation

Installation of juicers in a commercial kitchen requires experienced skills to rig new electrical outputs for your juicers. Our technicians are factory trained and experienced in the installation of industrial size commercial kitchen appliances that require specialized electrical wiring and other works. We only hire the best technicians with a proven record of accomplishment, and this ensures that you do not get faulty installations that could pose a fire and electrocution risk to your employees.

Commercial Juicer Repairs

Most entrepreneurs give little thought to how the juicer is functioning as long as it keeps pumping out copious amounts of juice to meet the daily order. However, of much importance is the type of cleaning product used and the maintenance activities carried out on the juicer. Unimaster Limited has handled a wide variety of commercial juicers brands, and we can help you in creating a maintenance schedule for your juicer.

Over the course of five years, we have identified various problems, and to date, we have not encountered a juicer brand that we cannot fix it. Here are the common juicers problems in a commercial establishment.

Wet PulpCommercial Juicer Maintenance at Unimaster

Juicers ought to squeeze the juice out of the fruits to get the best value for your money. However, after continued use, the wet pulp is one of the ways you can tell that you need commercial juicer repairs. The wet pulp also makes it harder to clean the juicer.

Overheating Motor

With proper maintenance, your juicer will work optimally for a long time. The motor ought to process the fruits of all textures without the motor overheating. However, overloading the juicer means that you are putting a strain on the juicer and you will run into problems sooner than later.

Juicer Will Not Turn On

This can put your operations at a standstill since there are many parts responsible for the juicer failing to turn on. Refrain from tweaking with the juicer since you could complicate the problem much further. Leave the tinkering to professionals, and this will save you on repair costs and time.

These are some of the problems facing juicers, and Unimaster Limited is on hand to provide professional commercial appliance repairs in Vancouver and the surrounding regions.

3 Reasons to Choose Unimaster Limited Ove the Competition

Hundreds of clients can vouch for our services, and you can rest easy knowing that we are at your disposal to fix your commercial juicers. Let us look at some of the reasons why you ought to consider Unimaster Limited.

We Bring Our Services to You

Juicers built for commercial establishments in the food industry are huge and moving them is a tedious process. Unlike our competitors who insist on taking the juicer with them for repairs, we fix your juicer at your place of business. Once you get off the phone with our customer care representative, they will dispatch one of our mobile response crews to your location, and we are confident that they will be in your location within 30 minutes.

We have equipped each crew with the proper equipment necessary to carry out proper commercial appliance installations and commercial juicer repairs. We are confident that they will complete the job in the first visit and get you started on your operations.

Factory Trained Technicians

This is a badge of honor for companies in the commercial appliance industry. We are one of the three companies in Vancouver that has factory-trained technicians to fix and maintain a wide variety of juicers including Breville and Omega. We will never subcontract the job to third-party technicians no matter the workload. Our technicians work around the clock in shifts to ensure that we respond to your needs whenever you call. Our customer care crews also work around the clock, and this enables us to offer emergency service no matter the time of day.

Competitive Prices

There literally are tens of companies in the Vancouver region offering commercial appliance services, but none can match our prices. We offer the most competitive prices that match the quality of services we offer. New clients get special discounts on parts and labor costs. You can also purchase our affordable service warranty packages to extend the cover period offered by manufacturers.

Contact our customer care agents and ask for our commercial juicer repairs and maintenance services. It does not matter the brand of juicer you are using; we will fix it within the hour and get you back in business.

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