To run a successful commercial kitchen in the modern food industry, you need a variety of commercial kitchen appliances, the modern the better. One of the appliances you cannot do without is a commercial toaster. It is a necessary appliance in the food industry especially for restaurants, sandwich shops, snack shops, country clubs, and institutions kitchens. However, you ought to make an informed buying decision, and our customer care representatives can help you identify the best toaster in your establishment.

At Unimaster Limited, we have professionals who have mastered the skill of toaster installation, repairs, and setting of proper maintenance schedules to undertake maintenance services. We do not outsource our services to third party contractors and you can rest assured of getting professional toaster services in Vancouver and the surrounding regions.

The difference between commercial and residential toasters is in the output, and industrial toasters are easily repaired compared to residential units that need to be replaced or incur hefty repair costs when they fail. Let us look at some of the best industrial toasters that give the best bang for your buck.

Types of Commercial Toastercommercial toaster

The proper toaster for your commercial kitchen whether it is a food truck kitchen, restaurant, country club, or a catering company ought to leave the people on either side of the counter satisfied. Here are the types of toasters to consider for your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Pop-up Toasters

This toaster will toast English muffins as well as bread, while others accommodate bagel halves. For toasters in commercial kitchens, they can toast as anywhere between 50 to 500 slices per hour, and they take up less space on your countertop. These are great for commercial kitchens with a low volume, use heating elements, and they are ideal for coffee shops, snack shops. Should you need repairs of maintenance services, you can count on Unimaster Limited technicians to provide unbeatable commercial toaster repairs.

Bun Grill Toaster

This type is designed for commercial kitchens that need to toast bun halves, but they can also toast bread, bagels, and other pastry goods. Some manufacturers call them vertical toasters. It does not matter if the pastries are dry or buttered, the griddle plate in this toasters will caramelize the product as fast as you need it.

They are bigger than most industrial size toasters, and they measure from 22 inches wide by 12 inches deep as well as 25 inches wide by 18 inches deep. They require at least 120V to 240V of power input. They take up less space and they can  output up to 2000 items per hour, with output speeds of up to 10 seconds per item. They are the best toasters for precise and quick toasting of bread bagels and burger buns.

Conveyor Toasters

These type of toasters are ideal for commercial kitchens with a high toast output. Slices of bread, bagels, and other pastries are loaded in the front of the unit, and the feed area is drawn back into the heating chamber via a conveyer belt. After the toasting is completed, the product will fall down a slanted chute into a collecting area. They would be the ideal toasters if you ran a commercial kitchen with high breakfast traffic such as breakfast buffet companies, food trucks, catering business among others.

Some manufacturers provide wall-mounting accessories for this type of toaster to save on countertop space. With a stacking kit, you can put two conveyer toasters on top of each other to save on space.

Commercial Toaster Repairs

In time, you will experience trouble with your toaster, and you should get a professional company to carry out proper holistic commercial toaster repairs. Here are the common problems that crop up with a commercial toaster.

Let us shift gears and look at the two main reasons why hundreds of clients have placed their trust on Unimaster Limited for commercial toaster repairs.

Holistic Toaster Repairs

We have built a reputation for providing unmatched commercial toaster repairs in Vancouver. Our technicians will fix your commercial toaster on the first visit no matter the time of day. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and we do not stop until we ensure that the toaster is working optimally.

Most Competitive Rates in the Region

Our competitors ask for the payment upfront before they undertake the repairs or maintenance services, which is unacceptable. When you call our customer care hotline, the customer care representative will be in a position to give an estimate of how much you will pay. They will then dispatch one of our mobile crews to the location of your business, and the technician will issue a solid quote after troubleshooting your toaster. Repeat customers get a discount on the service charge. However, for every customer, they get a service warranty, to complement the manufacturer’s warranty.

We have tens of employees working around the clock in shifts with at least five years of experience. No matter the type of commercial toaster you have in your establishment, we will have a technician to diagnose and undertake commercial toaster repairs in 30 minutes or less.

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