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As an essential service, our technicians are able to provide in-person service. In order to protect you and your family, our technicians wear protective gloves and respirators and wash their hands and sanitize equipment after every service call. We do kindly ask that you maintain a distance of 6 ft while our techs are at your home. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
We are happy to serve you and help you with all of your appliances repair needs.

Home Appliance Repairs Anywhere in Langley!


appliance repair langley bcAre you looking for a professional technician to repair or carry out diagnostic tests on your washing machine? Look no further. Unimaster Limited is committed and determined to offer Langley appliance repair services in and around the city. If you reside here, you should not spend thousands of dollars on a new water heater; we can fix it for you apply the techniques we have perfected over the years and modern tradesman tools.

Here is a brief overview of some of the appliance repair Langley services that we offer.


Home Appliance Troubleshooting and Installations For Langley Residents

No matter the type of machine that you intend to purchase, it is imperative to make sure that it is installed properly to realize its full potential and cushion it from frequent repairs. For example, when you purchase a new washing machine that is eco-friendly and economical on water, you need to make sure that the water lines are properly connected to the machine. The same case applies to dryers and garbage disposal units.

We have a team of trained and licensed personnel who live in the city and are willing to install these and other appliances such as freezers, water heater, and various kitchenware such as ovens and cooktops. When you call us, we will send a team to your location immediately to ensure that the installation process is completed quickly and without any flaws.

Home appliances especially the electronics need be regularly checked to ensure that they continue to work efficiently. We have invested in modern tools that allow us to carry out diagnostic tests on various items such as washing machines, microwaves, and kitchen appliances. The results of the tests help us to know if they are any issues with the system and the maintenance or repairs that should be done.


Langley Appliance Repairs and Uninstallation

We take pride in being the leading provider of appliance repair Langley BC Company. Our consistent provision of high-quality appliance repair services has helped us to get a positive reputation in the market and expand our clientele. At the moment, our services are available in and around Langley, but we plan to expand to other parts of the country.

The repairs are done by trained technicians who are legally accredited and have vast hands-on experience. They can work on virtually any model and maintain a high level of professionalism and diligence throughout the repair process. They will inform you the causes of the problem as well as the repairs that will be done before they dismantle and start working on the appliance. This work protocol ensures that we are on the same page right from the word go and guarantee a smooth service delivery.

Thanks to advancement in technology, new items that are efficient and fitted with modern parts are released into the market. If you plan to purchase a new model such as the 2017 washing machine, you will have to uninstall the current one if you don’t have plans to keep it. The same case applies to other items such as gas stoves and electric stove tops. We can help you uninstall such items properly to prevent any of damage being done on the walls, floors, and the utility connection lines. We will carefully prep for the process to ensure that we complete the task correctly and within the agreed timelines.


Emergency Appliance Repair Langley BCLangley appliance repair

Your cooktop, oven, refrigerator and any other appliance in your home need to always be in perfect condition to continue serving you. But what happens if they develop complications at night or a few hours before a big even such as a wedding, birthday party, or family anniversary party? Unimaster offers emergency appliance repair Langley BC services. All you need to do is call our support team and give us directions to your home. We will then send a team with all the tools required to do the repairs on the spot.


Appliance Repair 24hr Turn Around Guarantee

Time has been one of the most limited resources in the world; it is important to ensure that you manage it well. We have put in place working protocols that allow us to complete repairs and maintenance on time. In most cases, we do the repairs on the spot, but if we need to carry out additional tests in our emergency center, we have a 24hr turn around guarantee. This means that you can rest assured that your washing machine will be delivered to your home 24 hours after its transferred to our facility for specialized diagnostic tests and repairs.


Competitive Pricing of All Our Services

Price should never hinder you from having your appliance checked by a professional who has the skills and expertise required to check if all its parts are working and the settings are correct. We have over the years worked hard to make sure that all our services are competitively priced to suit our customers. After the initial engagement, we will furnish you with a comprehensive quote that will help you budget for the project correctly. Note that this quote is complete and so you would not have to pay a penny extra unless otherwise.


Call us today for professional Langley appliance repair services on your budget. All our experts are locals, who have undergone extensive trained, are licensed and determined to make sure that the appliance functionalism is restored.