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Commercial deep fryers are incredibly useful for cooking and frying food at a rapid pace, cutting time in half while increasing customer satisfaction. Our commercial appliance repair technicians can give you stellar results resulting in less downtime during your daily operations.


Whether you are a food service manager or currently running a restaurant, you understand the importance of maintaining your commercial deep fryer working in top condition. With the right certifications and qualifications, our gas technicians can accurately assess your system to extend the life of your equipment that will help your food taste better long term. Keep your customers happy and returning and invest in our deep fryer maintenance systems today!


Getting a professional inspection will save you money in the long run

Having a professional company that specializes in appliance cleaning and repair will save you a lot of money in the future. Our qualified technicians can spot out any potential weaknesses in your machine that you may have not caught before, and help keep your deep fryer running smoothly.

Commercial fryers are expensive appliances that may pose a danger to the guests, employees and the establishment if they go without the proper maintenance. Trying to repair the fryer could lead to further damage to the unit, and it is necessary that you contact a professional company to undertake repairs, and Unimaster Limited is your best bet in Vancouver and the surrounding regions.

These are some of the common problems with commercial fryers


How often should a restaurant fryer be cleaned?

Deep fryers in restaurant and foodservice operations are essential for enhancing food flavours. However, when a deep fryer is not properly maintained, that wonderful crunch of tasty food could be compromised. It’s essential to check your commercial deep fryer frequently inspected to keep an eye out for any potential damages.

An added operational benefit of regularly cleaning your deep fryer is the energy savings you can take advantage of! Carbonization on fryer walls and coils results in your machine working overdrive to deliver great results. Ensuring your fryer has the right maintenance will save the energy, time and money that you can put towards running your successful food business.

If you have a commercial deep fryer that you use on a daily basis, typically a light cleaning, with a deep clean recommended twice a week. Whether you use your machine daily, multiple times a day, or once in a while, it is imperative to have your appliance cleaned frequently to extend its lifespan.


What kind of oil should I be using for my commercial deep fryer?

Choosing to use the right oil is just as important as cleaning your deep fryer. For starters, always stick to the recommended cooking temperatures. Each type of fryer has an ideal cooking temperature that ranges anywhere from three hundred to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. If you go above these recommended temperatures, you will risk the chances of the oil burning, resulting in a negative impact on the way the food will taste. Additionally, when you’re not cooking at the right temperatures, you will have to replace it more often than usual, increasing your expenses.

To prolong the life of your oil, filter it regularly – this will depend on the type of oil used, and also your cooking oil. The easiest way to determine if your oil needs replacing is when the food doesn’t taste as amazing as it should or starts to smell an unpleasant way. Our team can correctly identify the ways to improve your machine, at an affordable rate that can prevent you from buying a new commercial deep fryer.

When your commercial fryer equipment fails, that means that’s a loss of profit. Our qualified technicians at Unimaster can help your commercial deep fryer perform at its highest level. We provide you with a 24hr turnaround period, so you don’t have to worry about losing any loyal customers!

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