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Appliance installation in Greater Vancouver. Dryer Installation

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Dryer is an essential home appliance when taking care of your clothes after laundry. Thanks to advancement in technology, there are hundreds of options in the market so finding one that suits your needs and preferences will not be a problem.

To get full benefits from your home dryer, you need to make sure that it is installed by professionals who have the necessary skills and expertise. Unimaster Limited specializes in providing top-notch dryer installation services. We are the top rated appliance company in Vancouver and we take pride in maintaining a good reputation in the market.

Professionals with Vast Hands on Experience

Experience is crucial to provision of dryer vent installation services. We understand this fact too well and have put together a team of professionals who have years of experience in the industry. The hiring process not only checks the academic qualifications but also the technician’s ability to install and maintain various types of dryers in the market.

Can Work on a Broad Range of Dryer Models

Dryers come in different sizes and shapes to meet the diverse needs of the customers. Unimaster takes pride in been the only appliance service provider whose technicians can work on all the dryers in the market. It would not be possible to achieve this goal without extensively training our technicians and making sure that they understand our quality standards and protocols.

Here are some facts about the two main types of dryers in the market.

Electric Dryers

As the name suggests, these dryers are designed to run on electricity. For this type of dryer to work, it has to be connected to a 240 volt power outlet and have a dedicated 3 or 4 prong. They are more expensive than the gas dryers but they are more efficient and can last for many years if well maintained. Another main advantage of investing in an electric home dryer is that it is inexpensive to maintain and simple to use.

Gas Dryers

Most people are hesitant to invest in the gas dryer due to the cost. That is, the cost of installing a gas dryer is higher than that of installing an electric dryer even though both serve the same purposes. Our research has revealed that it takes between 1-2 years to bridge the purchase-price gap due to energy savings. These dryers are programmed to use either propane or natural gas as the main source of heat. In addition, you need to have a dedicated gas hookup to get maximum utility from it.

Modern Tradesman Tools and Equipment

In the current wake of global warming and climate change, it is important to make sure that your home appliances are as efficient as humanly possible. We can make that happen by using modern dryer vent installation tools and equipment. Our team are fully aware of how to use the equipment and will do everything possible to make sure that the installation is successful and in line with the industry standards and your expectations.

Timely Provision of Dryer Vent Installation service

The home dryer needs to have a vent to release the moisture to the atmosphere. If wrongly installed, some of the moisture will flow back into the home thereby tampering with the indoor temperature. Our technicians are extensively trained on how to install vents in homes as well as commercial premises.

After completion of the installation, one of our supervisors who are equally talented and skilled will check to make sure that the project was a success. The supervisor will check that the vent is strongly attached to the dryer to be sure no moisture leaks into the room.

Affordable Dryer Vent Installation Services

In spite of the fact our services are affordable and recognized across the globe; we have worked smart to make them as affordable as possible. Our pricing is mainly based on the procedures involved and the cost of the materials that we will use. We will give you a comprehensive quote to help you budget therefore you will not have to pay a penny extra after completion of the dryer vent installation process.

We Not Only Offer Installation but Also Repair and Maintenance Services

The efficiency and durability of a dryer is based on not only the manner in which it’s installed but also maintenance and usage. We have all the equipment and hands-on skills required to carry out regular maintenance to make sure that the dryer is always working optimally. We will carry out thorough diagnostic tests to make sure that all issues that might be hindering the dryer to work as efficiently as it should are resolved.

The maintenance package is competitively priced just like the dryer vent installation service. We also offer discounts and other awesome offers that you can leverage to save money. Get in touch with our customer care team to get additional details about the various maintenance service packages that we offer. Note that we can service virtually any home appliance so you will never have to hire another service provider again.

We are a Customer-Centric Company

Unimaster Limited is focused on not only offering quality dryer vent installation services but also establishing good relationships with our clients. We usually contact our customer after service delivery to be sure that the dryer is working optimally after installation. In addition, we will give you professional advice on what exactly you need to do to extend the lifespan and efficiency of your dryer for free.

Call us today for professional dryer installation and dryer vent installation services.


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